This post was republished and archived on June 28, 2017.

The LSA has welcomed linguists from around the world to its Annual Meetings since 1924, and to its summer Linguistic Institute since 1928. That proud tradition of hospitality and openness to international scholarly exchange will continue in 2017 and beyond.

The LSA is deeply concerned about recent orders issued by the US Executive Office seeking to limit travel by scholars from selected countries to conferences and educational institutions. In response, the LSA has joined with colleagues from more than 160 scientific societies in opposition to this order. In addition, the Society has also issued a separate statement of opposition addressing the unique implications of this order for linguistic scholars. As the order has been challenged in court and its enforcement status is subject to change, the LSA will continue to closely monitor developments and respond accordingly.

If the order should prevent any linguists from attending LSA events, the Society will do everything it can to facilitate remote access to the presentations and course content. Our ability to provide this level of access will depend, in part, on the willingness of the linguistics community to lend its support.

We understand that linguists outside the US are eager to express their opposition to this order, and may be considering a symbolic boycott of LSA meetings and institutes in the US. Before taking such action, the unquestionable harm to the LSA and the field of linguistics should be weighed against the potential effect such actions could have on the US executive office, and perhaps unnecessarily, if the executive order is affirmed as unconstitutional within the coming months.

We invite linguists who are concerned about this issue to contact the LSA Secretariat, members of the Executive Committee, and/or the Directors of the LSA Institute at U-KY, to express your thoughts. We also encourage you to make your views known to the Executive Administration of the US government.

Details about the sites of the 2017 Linguistic Institute and 2018 Annual Meeting:

The LSA has worked with the Salt Lake City Convention and Visitors Bureau to ensure that the local environment will be welcoming to ALL attendees at the Annual Meeting.  Read more about Salt Lake CIty and its welcoming intiatives below:

  • Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski has been outspoken about the immigration policy and ensuring refugees feel welcome in our community.  Utah has its own particular history as a haven for refugees fleeing relgious persecution.  The Mayor’s office recently organized a Refugee March, and signed on to an immigration-focussed Amicus brief to SCOTUS. Read more hereherehere, and here.
  • The Salt Lake Area Chamber of Commerce and World Trade Center of Utah have sent an open letter to the Utah Congressional delegation (.pdf).

The University of Kentucky issued this statement following the Trump administration's order to ban travel and immigration from selected countries.