The Linguistic Society of America denounces the expressions of racism, Anti-Semitism, homophobia, xenophobia, and hatred that have been on display in many of our communities in recent days. We are horrified at the violence and intimidation that have accompanied many of those expressions and disgusted by the actions and messages of white nationalist and supremacist groups.

As scholars dedicated to the scientific study of human language, we are particularly sensitive to the special place of language in human cultures, histories, and societies and its role in human cognition. We affirm our commitment to use the methods and theories of our discipline to understand the place of language in implicit and explicit expressions of bigotry and, especially, its place in combatting and challenging those expressions.

As a Society, we also affirm in the strongest terms possible the values of equity and inclusion that form the foundation of membership in our Society and that represent the best impulses of a multicultural and multilingual democracy. We stand in solidarity with those seeking to heal the many individuals and communities traumatized by recent events and join those calling for unity in opposition to white supremacy and white nationalism.


Approved by the LSA Executive Committee, August 25, 2017