About the LSA Member Spotlight

Originally created in 2011 and now making its debut on the new LSA website, the LSA Member Spotlight highlights the interests and accomplishments of a different LSA member each month.  If you would like to be featured in a Member Spotlight, or would like to recommend someone else to be featured, please contact David Robinson, the LSA's Director of Membership and Meetings.

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May/June 2011: Keren Rice

The LSA inaugurates its Member Spotlight feature with Keren Rice, the LSA's Vice President/President-Elect. A University Professor at the University of Toronto, she was recently awarded Canada's prestigious Killam Prize.

Q: How long have you been a member of the LSA?

A: I don't remember! It's been a long time, probably since the late 1970's or early 1980's. When my department moved last year, I decided that it was time to use the electronic versions of most of my journals, and I no longer have the hard copies that would tell me when I first began to get the journal – that would have told me when I became a member.

Q: What is your current research?

A: I've just finished writing a very different kind of paper than I ever wrote before, on linguistic evidence concerning the Apachean migration. I continue to work on synchronic and diachronic studies of Athabaskan languages as well as on topics in phonology, principally markedness in phonology, what it means, and how it is evaluated.

Q: What in your opinion is the most important thing the Society does?

A: This is a hard one. Perhaps most obviously, the LSA provides us with the opportunity to get together and showcase our work; it provides fellowship and mentorship. It works to raise the profile of the discipline, and enhance interactions with others. It advocates on behalf of linguists and linguistics. The LSA is important in sustaining a vibrant and healthy discipline that looks outward as well as inward, and that is involved in outreach and meeting its social responsibilities.

Q: You have served the LSA, among other roles, as an associate editor of Language, co-chair of the Program Committee, and an at-large member of the Executive Committee. Why have you taken on so many and varied service positions?

A: I was asked to serve in these various capacities, and I thought that I would learn a lot from them, and at the same time do something that might be helpful to others.