Since 2012, the LSA has regularly hosted part-time student interns.  Interns gain experience with a variety of administrative tasks, including:

  • managing social media posts
  • website content management and development
  • research and information gathering on a variety of topics (not scholarly in nature)
  • database management, including the analysis of data inputs for the LSA's Annual Report on the State of Linguistics in Higher Education
  • representation at meetings and conferences in the DC metro area
  • preparing summaries and analysis of reports and other materials
  • assisting with clerical support
  • developing and executing one long-term project of particular interest to the incumbent

Interns also learn more about the field of linguistics, the professional needs of LSA members, and the LSA’s broader agenda to advance the scientific study of language. This internship also provides exposure to the workings of a small non-profit organization based in the nation’s capital.

LSA Interns (2012 - present)

Spring 2021: Nicky Macias (M.A., Gallaudet University)

Fall 2021: Brody Silva (B.S., Johns Hopkins University)

Spring 2021: Angela Schrader (Ph.D. Candidate, Arizona State University)

Fall 2020: Tess Blumenthal (Ph.D Student, University of Texas at Austin); Sofia Buitrago (M.S. Student, Georgetown University)

Summer 2020: Joshua Dees (Ph.D. Student, University of Illinois); Sofia Buitrago (M.S. Student, Georgetown University)

Spring 2020: Chanika Dorsey (M.A. Student, Gallaudet University); Sofia Buitrago (M.S. Student, Georgetown University)

Fall 2019: Tess Rademacher (M.A. Student, Gallaudet University)

Summer 2019:  Shane Taylor (M.A. Student, San Diego State University)

Spring 2019: Meghan Birch (Ph.D. Student, Georgetown University)

Fall 2018: Rachel Myers (M.S. Student, Georgetown University); Laura Nugent (B.S. Student, Johns Hopkins University)

Summer 2018:  Valentyna Filimonova (Ph.D. Student, Indiana University)

Spring 2018/Fall 2017: Tyler Kibbey (BA Student, University of Tennessee Knoxville)

Summer 2017: Tyler True (Ph.D. Candidate, Northern Arizona University)

Spring 2017/Fall 2016: May Chung (Ph.D. Student, University of Maryland, Baltimore County)

Summer 2016: Marc Matthews (Ph.D. Candidate, University of Florida)

Spring 2016: Katarina Starcevic (MA Student, Georgetown University)

Fall 2015: Liz Shar (MS Student, Georgetown University)

Summer 2015: Adrienne Isaac (Ph.D. Student, Georgetown University); Anna Jackson (BA Student, College of William & Mary)

Spring 2015: vacant

Fall 2014: James Heckathorn (BA Student, Iowa State University)

Summer 2014:  Brent Woo (Ph.D. Candidate, University of Washington)

Spring 2014:  Sarah McVeigh (B.A. Student, University of Maryland College Park)

Fall 2013: Lauren Friedman (PhD Candidate, University of Pennsylvania)

Summer 2013: Jessi Grieser (PhD Student, Georgetown University)

Spring 2013: vacant

Fall 2012: Grace Sullivan (PhD Student, Georgetown University)

Summer 2012: Annika Glennon (BA Student, University of Maryland College Park)