LSA Annual Meeting Job Interview Service


Are you hiring a linguist for a position in academia, industry, or government?   Consider using the LSA’s Job Interview Service, with options for job postings in the print edition of Language, on the LSA website, and in the jobs binder available to attendees at the Annual  Meeting. 


Tier I:  Job Posting in the Jobs Binder/CV Collection

The LSA will include your job posting in the binder made available throughout the Annual Meeting to all attendees, and will collect applicant CVs if desired.

Fee:  $65


Tier II:  Job Interview Room

All Tier I benefits, plus access to a private, professionally furnished interview room with wireless internet access.

Fee: $175



Tier III:  Online Job Listing/Job Interview Room

All Tier I and Tier II benefits, plus a job listing on the LSA website, flagged to indicate that interviews will be held at the Annual Meeting

Fee:  $295


Tier IV:  Print and Online Job Listing/Job Interview Room

All Tier I, II and III benefits plus ad (max. 400 words) in print edition of Language.

Fee:  $475