In 2019, the LSA continued its ongoing programs and services on behalf of its mission: to advance the scientific study of language. Highlights of new and expanded activities are outlined below.

Professional Development and Education

Scholarships, Professorships, Honors & Awards

  • Awarded 28 Fellowships to students attending the 2019 Linguistic Institute at UC Davis, including two new student fellowships in honor of Yuki Kuroda and Charles Fillmore.
  • Granted diversity travel awards to six students attending the 2019 Annual Meeting, under the auspices of the LSA’s Committee on Ethnic Diversity in Linguistics.
  • Made the first Elizabeth Dayton Award to support travel and related expenses for a graduate student in sociolinguistics to attend the LSA Annual Meeting.
  • Presented the first C. L. Baker Award to an outstanding syntactician in mid-career, Jon Sprouse.
  • Launched the LSA Mentoring Award and selected Monica Macaulay as the first recipient.
  • Continued major fundraising drives to establish a new CoLang student fellowship in honor of the late LSA President Emmon Bach, and a lectureship in honor of late LSA member Richard Oehrle.



Public Outreach and Media Relations

  • Coordinated the LSA’s participation in UNESCO’s 2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages, in partnership with SSILA. As part of the year-long observance, offered annual meeting fee waivers to indigenous scholars.
  • Expanded the LSA outreach to K-12 teachers via free Annual Meeting registration and the publication of an open access article in Language on the Advanced Placement Linguistics initiative.
  • Launched a new language linguistics podcast, Subtitle, with support from the National Endowment for the Humanities.
  • Increased our reach on social media via daily posts about linguistics news stories appearing in the popular news media: over 45K followers on Facebook and almost 25K followers on Twitter.
  • With support from NSF, sponsored a language science and linguistics booth at AAAS’ Family Science Days.

Continuing Traditions