In 2017, the LSA continued its ongoing programs and services on behalf of its mission: to advance the scientific study of language. Highlights of new and expanded activities are outlined below. 


Scholarships, Professorships, Honors & Awards

  • Established a new student fellowship in honor of Yuki Kuroda, to be awarded at the 2019 Linguistic Institute.
  • Awarded 24 fellowships to students attending the 2017 Linguistic Institute at the University of Kentucky.
  • Awarded travel grants to four students attending the LSA Annual Meeting, under the auspices of the LSA’s Committee on Ethnic Diversity. Made possible, in part, by sponsorship from Redfin.
  • Continued major fundraising drives to establish new student fellowships in honor of the late LSA Presidents Emmon Bach and Charles Fillmore.

Meetings, Institutes and Events


  • Published the second volume of the Proceedings of the LSA, an expansion of the “Extended Abstracts” publication based on research presented at the Annual Meeting.
  • Approved the establishment of a new LSA journal, Phonological Data and Analysis, with forthcoming articles soon to be published.
  • Launched a new e-books partnership with JSTOR, to make out-of-print monographs available online for the first time.
  • Created a new web-based feature, “This period in LSA/linguistics history.” With articles on Lorenzo Dow Turner (Black History Month); Adelaide Hahn (Women's History Month); William Dwight Whitney's Language and the Study of Language (150th anniversary); and Eric H. Lenneberg’s Biological Foundations of Language (50th anniversary).

Public Outreach and Media Relations

  • Increased our reach on social media via daily posts about linguistics news stories appearing in the popular news media: over 36K followers on Facebook and 16K followers on Twitter.
  • With support from NSF, sponsored  language science and linguistics booths at AAAS’ Family Science Days.
  • With financial support from linguistics departments and programs, continued the LSA News Stories Initiative, a broad-based effort to increase coverage of linguistics research in the popular news media.

      Professional Development and Education

Continuing Traditions

  • Organized the LSA’s 91st Annual Meeting in Austin, TX.
  • Continued a major expansion to its flagship journal, Language, publishing content in new online sections focused on: Teaching Linguistics, Public Policy, Research Reports and Perspectives.
  • Issued a series of news releases about the latest research published in its journals and presented at its Annual Meeting, garnering significant coverage in prominent international media outlets.
  • Provided financial assistance and in-kind support for linguists seeking to attend the LSA Annual Meeting and access LSA publications.
  • Published a new volume of Semantics & Pragmatics, the platinum open-access journal of the LSA.
  • Issued the fourth edition of the LSA’s Annual Report on the State of Linguistics in Higher Education.
  • Hosted an open-access archive of all materials published under the auspices of eLanguage, the LSA’s scholarly digital publishing platform. The archive includes co-journal articles, book notices, extended abstracts, and conference proceedings.
  • Pursued a national policy agenda to facilitate the efforts of linguists and other scientists working to benefit society, including continued federal funding for linguistics research.
  • Represented linguists at national and international meetings of colleague organizations and through participation in coalitions and consortia working to advance science, the humanities, and higher education.
  • Defended linguistics departments and programs against threats of cuts or elimination by contacting administrators and officials and by working behind the scenes to provide data in support of the value of linguistics.