At the 2015 LSA Annual Meeting, linguists from Google, Microsoft, and other companies spoke about their work and gave advice for linguists interested in pursuing a career in 'industry'. A video of the panel can be watched in its entirety below:

To see each individual speaker, skip ahead to the following times:

  • 4:15: Greg Alger - Director of Linguistics, Lexicon Branding
  • 18:51: Ron Kaplan - Vice President, Nuance Communications
  • 35:40: Tatiana Libman - Senior Linguist, Google
  • 51:55: Margaret Mitchell - Researcher, Microsoft NLP Research Group
  • 1:11:39: Lisa Radding - Director of Research and Product Development, Ethnic Technologies (slides)
  • 1:20:45: Question & Answer

Thanks to our panelists, moderator John R. Rickford, and everyone else who helped make this panel happen.