2019 Patrick Cox (The World in Words Podcast - Public Radio International)

Patrick Cox understands the significance of words in an era where we all need to learn again how to speak to each other. His outstanding work in The World in Words has allowed citizens of the world to be acknowledged and educated on all matters relevant to language. Cox´s NPR documentaries offer clear, in-depth, and thought-provoking perspectives on linguistic diversity, historical linguistics, anthropological linguistics, and language as an art. Members of the Linguistic Society of America are thankful to Patrick Cox for his life´s work dedicated to enhancing the fabric of life by reminding us to listen to each other´s words

2018 Lane Greene (The Economist)

In 2016, Lane Greene took up the task of bringing the "Johnson" column back to the print edition of The Economist. Appearing every two weeks, his column has consistently publicized themes and ideas from within linguistics, and written about them accurately as well as interestingly. His approach consistently champions the scientific approach to language over dilettantism, and defends evidence-based linguistics against prescriptivist myth-making.

2016 Arika Okrent (Mental Floss)

Dr. Okrent's work at Mental Floss is acclaimed for taking often-complex linguistic topics and making them easily accessible. Her use of innovative media forms such as listicles and whiteboard videos has helped bring linguistic knowledge to a wide audience. In addition to her work at Mental Floss, Dr. Okrent is editor-at-large at TheWeek.com and has written for publications including Smithsonian Magazine, Lapham's Quarterly, and Schwa Fire in 2015 alone. 

2015 Ben Zimmer (Vocabulary.com)

In addition to serving as the Wall Street Journal's language columnist, Ben Zimmer has written articles on linguistic topics for The Atlantic, the Boston Globe, Slate's Lexicon Valley blog, and many other popular publications. His work bringing linguistic knowledge to the public is prolific, entertaining, and well-researched, informed by his own linguistic background. Ben Zimmer is an ideal choice for the first LSA Linguistics Journalism Award