Formed in 2015.


The SIG speaks to the needs of three parts of the linguistics community: Professionals with linguistics training, linguistics students (at the graduate and undergraduate levels), and linguistics faculty.

For professionals

  • Promoting the inclusion of linguists outside traditional academic and faculty career paths into the activities and programming organized by the Linguistic Society of America.
  • Advising the LSA on the needs of its non-academic membership.
  • Providing networking opportunities for linguists beyond academia at LSA Annual Meetings and other events.

For students

  • Facilitating mentoring and communication between linguists working across fields and current linguistics graduate students, undergraduate students, and recent graduates.
  • Partnering with industry linguists to increase graduate and undergraduate students’ awareness of career paths and opportunities across professional fields.

For faculty

  • Working to increase linguistics faculty’s awareness of professional opportunities and the role of linguistic research in non-academic contexts.



  • Linguists working beyond traditional faculty, teaching, and research roles in academic institutions. Members of the SIG are professionally active in organizations such as for-profit businesses, non-profits, government agencies, and higher education.
  • Linguistics students (at all levels) and graduates interested in pursuing careers as linguists outside or “beyond” academia.
  • Linguists working in academic contexts who wish to learn more, and be connected to those who have pursued these paths. This includes faculty, administrators, career services professionals, and so on.

Members network and exchange information; discuss and document the uses of linguistics and linguistic research across various professional contexts; and provide insight and advice on career opportunities to graduate and undergraduate students, advisors, and career changers.


  • Programming at LSA meetings, the LSA Linguistic Institute, including networking events, discussions on various professional topics, panels, etc.
  • Occasional events convened by SIG members around topics of interest.
  • Individual mentorship matching between professional linguists and linguistics students.
  • Career development resources for members.


The SIG has produced several webinars to date in collaboration with the LSA.  You can find video and other resources from those webinars here:

SIG Members

Laurel Sutton, Catchword Branding, Co-Convenor
Cara Shousterman, Queensborough Community College, Co-Convenor
Rachael Allbritten, National Science Foundation
Shannon Anderson-Finch, Deloitte
Gregory Bennett, Microsoft
Donna Christian, Center for Applied Linguistics
Lauren Collister, University of Pittsburgh
Danielle Deremo Cosimo, Superior Inglês
Brad Davidson, Nuvera Life Sciences Consulting
Amy Goodwin Davies, University of Pennsylvania 
Zhaleh Feizoulahi, Microsoft
Daniel Ginsberg, Georgetown University
Christopher Graham, University of California, Davis
Syelle Graves, La Guardia Community College
Shiloh Guten-Gale, Reed College
Brook Hefright, University of Maryland Center for Advanced Study of Language
Dorothea Hoffman, University of Chicago
Deborah Keller-Cohen, University of Michigan
Dana Lam, University of Massachusetts Boston
Linda Lanz, Interactive Intelligence
Debbie A. Leggett, Wayne State University
Brandon Loudermilk, Tata Consultancy Services
Monica Macaulay, University of Wisconsin Madison
Fred Mailhot,
Ruth Maddeaux, University of Toronto
Gretchen McCulloch, Slate
Michelle McSweeney, Converseon
Dick Oehrle, Ernst & Young
Livia Polanyi, Stanford University
Matthias Raess, Ball State University
Veronika Richtarcikova, Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Bill Rivers, Joint National Committee for Languages – National Council for Language and International Studies
Janine Robinson, San Jose State University
Brice Russ, American Association for the Advancement of Science
Deborah Seymore, American Council on Education
Pearl Shavzin-Dremeaux, Hunter College
Alice Shen, University of California Berkeley
Anne Sturgeon, Leidos
Laurel Sutton, Catchword Branding
Rachael Tatman, University of Washington
Francesca Venezia, Georgetown University

Executive Committee Liaison: John R. Rickford
Staff Liaison: David Robinson

LSA members who are interested in participating in this SIG are encouraged to contact both Anna and Anastasia.


So this is for grad students? Not for people with a bachelor's degree?

Students at all levels are welcome to join the SIG!