2016 D. Terence Langendoen  

For his creative work in drawing good research in computational linguistics to the attention of National Science Foundation programs with little history of funding research on language, significantly expanding the funding base for work in linguistics. 

2015 Jim Bauman (Center for Applied Linguistics, Retired)

For exemplary volunteer service to the LSA Secretariat in enhancing the Society’s collaborative partnerships, communications, technical infrastructure, and advocacy on behalf of the field of linguistics.

2013 David Lightfoot

For his invaluable assistance in charting a course for the LSA’s publishing program. 

2012 Paul Newman

For services to the Society as volunteer (pro bono) Special Counsel, in which capacity he has helped the Society to navigate through numerous copyright issues as its publications move from print to electronic format.

2010 Ethan Poole

Since February 2009, Ethan Poole has donated many hours of his time as the volunteer webmaster for the LSA's website, patiently working to improve both the content and navigability of the site. In addition to this important contribution, Ethan also donated the domain name, www.linguisticsociety.org, for use by the LSA. Ethan Poole has saved the LSA a great deal of money during a time of financial hardship for the Society, while also considerably improving our member services and marketing efforts.

2008 Mary Catherine O'Connor, for exemplary service to the Society in her capacity as Co-Chair of the Program Committee.

In her four years on the Program Committee, Cathy oversaw the transition from a brick-and-mortar operation to an electronic one, and a comprehensive system of expert external reviewers, which has led to a much more informed - and fair - reviewing process.

Cathy has contributed literally hundreds of hours of her time - replete with her characteristic grace and wit - expecting (and until now receiving) nothing in return. Her service to the Society has been nothing short of extraordinary and the Society is forever in her debt.

2007 Kristen Syrett

In recognition of her extraordinary contributions to the Society as the Bloch Fellow and as a member of the Information Technology Advisory Group (ITAG), the Executive Committee unanimously voted to award Kristen Syrett the Linguistic Service Award along with a life membership in the Society.