Formed in 2018.


The SIG meets the needs of LGBTQ+ individuals in the discipline of Linguistics at all levels of education. 

  • Promoting the inclusion of LGBTQ+ linguists into the activities and programming organized by the Linguistic Society of America.
  • Advising the LSA on the needs of its LGBTQ+ membership.
  • Providing networking opportunities for LGBTQ+ linguists at the LSA Annual Meetings and other events.
  • Facillitating mentoring and communication between senior LGBTQ+ linguists and current linguistics graduate students, undergraduate students, and recent graduates.
  • Increasing awareness amongst LGBTQ+ graduate and undegraduate students of LGBTQ+ specific funding opportunities.
  • Advocating for inclusive language in the LSA's guidelines and statements.


  • LGBTQ+ linguists and Allies. Members of the SIG are motivated by the inclusion of diverse voices in the LSA.
  • Linguistics students (at all levels) and graduates, whether as an LGBTQ+ student or as someone interested in research on LGBTQ+ issues.
  • Linguists working on LGBTQ+ questions and issues broadly within the scientific study of language.

Members network and exchange information; discuss and document the application of linguistics and linguistics research in the LGBTQ+ community; provide mentoring for junior scholars, graduates, and undergraduate students; and promote LGBTQ+ diversity in the discipline of Linguistics.


  • Programming at LSA meetings, the LSA Linguistic Institute, including mentoring events, discussions on various LGBTQ+ issues, panels, etc.
  • Occasional events convened by SIG members around topic of interest.
  • LGBTQ+ resources and information on minority specific funding.
  • Advocacy for inclusive language in the LSA's guidelines and policies.


Tyler Kibbey and Lal Zimman led a workshop at the UC Davis 2019 Linguistics Institute on LGBTQ+ advocacy and outreach.

Pride Month News Items, June 2019.

Tyler Kibbey, Jeremy Calder, and Kirby Conrod held a webinar hosted by the LSA in April 2019 on LGBTQ+ Perspectives in Linguistics.

Data from a survey of LGBTQ+ identy in Linguistics was conducted by the SIG's founding members in late 2017 and is included in the LSA's 2017 Annual Report.

SIG Members

Tyler Kibbey, University of Kentucky (Co-Convener)
Rusty Barrett, University of Kentucky (Co-Convener)
Robin Queen, University of Michigan
Lal Zimman, University of Calfornia, Santa Barabra 
Gregory Ward, Northwestern University
Arnold Zwicky, Stanford
Alexandra Gilbert, Arizona State University
Kirby Conrod, University of Washington
James Spizzirro, Boston College
Margaret Thomas, Boston College
Gísli Rúnar Harðarson, University of Iceland
Sameer ud Dowla Khan, Reed College
Kathryn Campbell‐Kibler, Ohio State University
Dannii Yarbrough, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa
Jeff Renaud, Augustana College
Natalie Weber, University of British Columbia
James G. Mitchell, Salve Regina University
Christopher Dale, Boise State University
Richard Winters, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
H. Stephen Straight, Binghamton University
Will Leben, Stanford University
Jorge Valdes Kroff, University of Florida
Cameron Wilson, CUNY
Kyle Jerro, University of Essex
Lauren Ackerman, Newcastle University
Daniel Midgley, University of Western Australia
Terje Lohndal, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Michael Barrie, Sogang University
Simon Wolf, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Nathan Sanders, University of Toronto
Claire Bowern, Yale
Skye Anderson, University of Arizona
Carson Schütze, University of California, Los Angeles
Chris VanderStouwe, Boise State University
Rex A. Sprouse, Indiana University
Marisa Brook, University of Victoria
Nicholas Twiner, University of Georgia
Jacob Phillips, University of Chicago
Michael Becker, Stony Brook University
Tom Roberts, University of California, Santa Cruz
Matt Wagers, University of California, Santa Cruz
Zachary Jaggers, New York University
Sarah Babinski, Yale
Josh Brown, University of Wisconsin-Eau claire
Sonja Lanehart, University of Texas, San Antonio
Keith Langston, University of Georgia
Andries Coetzee, University of Michigan
Canaan Breiss, University of California, Los Angeles
Ramon Escamilla, University of Central Arkansas
Uri Horesh, University of Essex
Catherine Anderson, McMaster University
Alexandra D’Arcy, University of Victoria
Karthik Durvasula, Michigan State University
Ping‐Hsuan Wang, Georgetown
Mary‐Caitlyn Valentinsson, University of Arizona
Peter Jurgec, University of Toronto
Nicholas Tomlin, Brown University
Mia Wiegand, Cornell University
Elise Bell, University of Arizona
Aaron Broadwell, University of Florida
Brent Woo, University of Washington
Julia Fine, University of California, Santa Barbara
Chloe Willis, University of California, Santa Barbara
Megan Gotowski, Rutgers University
David Quinto-Pozos, University of Texas at Austin
Christopher Dale, University of Kentucky


  • Campus Pride, a non-profit student advocacy organization for LGBTQ+ students