What Makes a Paper Appropriate for Language?

Andries Coetzee and John Beavers

pp. 209-212


The Effect of Phonotactics on Alternation Learning

Adam J. Chong

pp. 213-244


Rethinking Cartography

Richard Larson

pp. 245-268


Mayan Agent Focus and the Ergative Extraction Constraint: Facts and Fictions Revisited 

Jessica Coon, Nico Baier, Theodore Levin

pp. 269-332


Planting the Seed for Sound Change

Jonathan Harrington

pp. 333-364


Metrical Prominence Assymetries in Medumba

Kathryn Franich

pp. 365-402


Publishing in the Language and Public Policy Section of Language

Vaidehi Ramanathan and Patricia Cukor-Avila

pp. 403-405


Publishing in the Teaching Linguistics Section of Language

Kazuko Hiramatsu and Michal Temkin Martinez

pp. 406-408


Across- The-Board Tonal Polarity in Kipsigis: Implications For The Morphology-Phonology Interface 

Maria Kouneli, Yining Nie

pp. e111- e138


Cycles in Language Change Ed. By Miriam Bouzouita et al. (Review)

David W. Lightfoot

pp. 409- 414


Developments in English Historical Morpho-Syntax Ed. By Claudia Claridge and Birte Bös (Review)

Kristin Bech

pp. 414- 419


Review of Current Approachess to Syntax: A Comparative Handbook 

Joyce Tang Boyland

pp. 419-425


Multimodal Conduct in The law: Language, Gesture and Materiality in Legal Interaction by Gregory Matoesian and Kristin Enola Gilbert (Review)

Elizabeth Mertz 

pp. 425-431


The Editor's Report

Andries Coetzee and John Beavers

pp. 432-435


Recent Publications

pp. 436- 437