Letters to Language and Clarification to Everett & Gibson (2019)

Letters to Language and Clarification [pdf]

Cilene Rodriguez

pp. 221-223


Vowel normalization as perceptual constancy [pdf]

Santiago Barreda

pp. 224-254


Category clustering: A probabilistic bias in the morphology of verbal agreement marking [pdf]

John Mansfield, Sabine Stoll, & Balthasar Bickel

pp. 255-293


Final obstruent voicing in Lakota: Phonetic evidence and phonological implicationsm [pdf]

Juliette Blevins, Ander Egurtzegi, & Jan Ullrich

pp. 294-337


Phonological markedness effects in sentence formation [pdf]

Canaan Breiss & Bruce Hayes

pp. 338-370 


Dependency locality as an explanatory principle for word order [pdf]

Richard Futrell, Roger P. Levy, & Edward Gibson

pp. 371-412


The causal structure of lenition: a case for the causal precedence of durational shortening [pdf]

Uriel Cohen Priva & Emily Gleason 


Teaching Linguistics

Linguistics in general education: Expanding linguistics course offerings through core competency alignment [pdf]

Katie Welch & Marco Shappeck

pp. e59-e76


Research Reports

Theory-driven statistical modeling for semantics and pragmatics: A case study on grammatically generated implicature readings [pdf]

Michael Franke, Leon Bergen

pp. e77-e96


Segmental phonology in Ancient India? [pdf]

John J. Lowe

pp. e97-e113



Linguistics in pursuit of justice by John Baugh (review) [pdf]

Sonja Lanehart

pp. 449-452


Cross-linguistic influence in bilingualism: In honor of Aafke Hulk ed. by Elma Blom, Leonie Cornips, and Jeannette Schaeffer (review) [pdf]

Natascha Müller

pp. 452-456


The lexeme in descriptive and theoretical morphology ed. by Olivier Bonami et al. (review) [pdf]

Laurie Bauer

pp. 456-460


The unmasking of English dictionaries by R. M. W. Dixon (review) [pdf]

Patrick Hanks

pp. 460-462


Meaning and linguistic variation: The third wave in sociolinguistics by Penelope Eckert (review) [pdf]

Meredith Tamminga

pp. 462-464


The Editor's Report [pdf]

pp. 465-468


Recent Publications [pdf]

pp. 469-470