Deriving verb-initial word order in Mayan
Lauren Clemens, University at Albany, SUNY & Jessica Coon, McGill University


Towards a theory of modal-temporal interaction
Hotze Rullmann & Lisa Matthewson, University of British Columbia


The acquisition of recursive modification in NPs
Ana T. Perez-Leroux, University of Toronto, Tyler Peterson, Arizona State University, Anny Castilla-Earls, University of Houston, Susana Béjar, University of Toronto, Diane Massam, University of Toronto & Yvez Roberge, University of Toronto


Hearing R-Sandhi: The role of past experience
Jennifer Hay, University of Canterbury, Katie Drager, University of Hawai'i at Manoa & Andy Gibson, University of Canterbury


Cleft-sentences and reconstruction in child language
Rosalind Thornton, Macquarie University, Hirohisa Kiguchi, Miyagi Gakuin Women's University & Elena D'Onofrio, Macquarie University


Negation as an exclusively nominal category
Adam Roth Singerman, University of Chicago



Labels and roots. Ed. by Leah Bauke and Andreas Blümel
Reviewed by Tiaoyuan Mao, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


The present perfective paradox across languages. By Astrid De Wit
Reviewed by Daniel Altshuler


Morphological length and prosodically defective morphemes. By Eva Zimmermann
Reviewed by Anthi Revithiadou


Historical Syntax

The diachronic development of the Chinese passive: From the wei...suo passive to the long passive
Yin Li, School of Humanities, Shanghai Jiao Tong University


Teaching Linguistics & Language and Public Policy

Kreyòl, pedagogy, and technology for opening up quality education in Haiti: Changes in teachers' metalinguistic attitudes as first steps in a paradigm shift
Michel DeGraff & Glenda S. Stump, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


If you use ASL, should you study ESL? Limitations of a modality-b(i)ased policy
Elena Koulidobrova, Central Connecticut State University, Marlon Kuntze, Gallaudet University & Hanna Dostal, University of Connecticut


Research Report

On constructions as pragmatic categories
Betty J. Birner, Northern Illinois University



Time and Thyme are NOT homophones: A closer look at Gahl's work on the lemma-frequency effect, including a reanalysis
Arne Lohmann, Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf