Vol 92, Issue 4


Cover and additional pages


Exposition is disappearing
pp. 237-256
Joel C. Wallenberg


Learnability shapes typology: The case of the midpoint pathology
pp. 753-791
Juliet Stanton


The Common Core State Standards and English Learners: Finding the silver lining
pp. 257-273
Betsy Rymes, Nelson Flores, and Anne Pomerantz


Seri verb classes: morphosyntactic motivation and morphological autonomy
pp. 792-823
Matthew Baerman


Learning to think like linguists: A think-aloud study of novice phonology students
pp. 274-291
Catherine Anderson


Outliers, Impact, and Rationalization in Linguistic Change
pp. 824-849
Sali A. Tagliamonte, Alexandra D'Arcy, and Celeste Rodríguez Louro


Book Review
The Sounds of Language: An introduction to Phonetics and Phonology, by Elizabeth Zsiga
pp. 292-295
Lauren Ackerman, Haley Boone, and Michal Temkin-Martinez


The Temporal Interpretation of Clause Chaining in Northern Paiute
pp. 850-889
Maziar Toosarvandani


Grammar and social agency: the pragmatics of impersonal deontic statements
pp. 296-325
Giovanni Rossi and Jörg Zinken


Do serial verb constructions describe single events? a study of co-speech gestures in Avatime
pp. 890-910
Rebecca Defina


Grammaticalization and Prosody: the case of English sort/kind/type of constructions
pp. 911-947
Nicole Dehé and Katerina Stathi


Language and linguistics on trial: Hearing Rachel Jeantel (and other vernacular speakers) in the courtroom and beyond
pp. 948-988
John R. Rickford, Sharese King


The acquisition of ergativity. Eds. Edith Bavin and Sabine Stoll
pp. 989-992
Jane Simpson


Why only us? Language and evolution
pp. 992-996
Ljiljana Progovac


The evolution of functional left peripheries in Hungarian syntax. Ed. Katalin É. Kiss
pp. 997-1000
István Kenesei


Confusion of tongues: a theory of normative language, by Stephen Finlay
pp. 1000-1002
James Lenman


Automaton theories of human sentence comprehension, by John T. Hale
pp. 1002-1006
Sashank Varma


New perspectives on Chinese syntax, by Waltraud Paul
pp. 1006-1009
Jinglian Li and Fanjun Meng


Evolutionary Syntax, by Ljiljana Progovac
pp. 1009-1012
Barbara Citko


The language of fraud cases, by Roger Shuy
pp. 1012-1015
Lawrence M. Solan