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92.3 Recent Publications


Old English *motan, variable-force modality, and the presupposition of inevitable actualization 
Igor Yanovich



Scalar marking without scalar meaning: Nonscalar, nonexhaustive even-marked NPIs in Greek and Korean
Anastasia Giannakidou & Suwon Yoon



Asymmetries in the representation of categorical phonotactics
Gillian Gallagher



The discourse basis of ergativity revisited
Geoffrey Haig & Stefan Schnell



SNAP judgments: A small N acceptability paradigm (SNAP) for linguistic acceptability judgments
Kyle Mahowald, Peter Graff, Jeremy Hartman & Edward Gibson



Linguistic reference in the negotiation of identity and action: Revisiting the T/V distinction
Chase Wesley Raymond


Phonological Analysis (Online-only)

An overview of Kabarasi verb tone
Kristopher J. Ebarb



Teaching Linguistics (Online-only)

Constructed languages in the classroom
Nathan Sanders

Discussion (Online-only)

Biolinguistics and the human language faculty
Anna Maria Di Sciullo & Lyle Jenkins



Review Article

Chomsky's linguistics: The goals of the generative enterprise
Robert Freidin




Language change by Joan Bybee (review)
Betty S. Phillips



The diachrony of grammar by T. Givón (review)
Bernd Heine



Control and restructuring by Thomas Grano (review)
Marcello Modesto


The phonology of Welsh by S. J. Hannahs (review)
Thomas W. Stewart



Keeping languages alive: Documentation, Pedagogy, and revitalization ed. by Mari C. Jones and Sarah Ogilvie (review)
Lindsay J. Whaley



Essentials of cognitive grammar by Ronald W. Langacker (review)
Laura A. Janda



The development of Old English: A linguistic history of English, vol. 2 by Don Ringe and Ann Taylor (review)
Bettelou Los



The universal structure of categories: Towards a formal typology by Martina Wiltschko (review)
Karen Zagona