Volume 92, Issue 2, June 2016

Table of Contents and additional pages

Table of Contents

Title page

Editor's Report

Recent Publications



Modification of stative predicates
Thomas Ernst


Reactive effort as a factor that shapes sign language lexicons
Nathan Sanders & Donna Jo Napoli


The evolution of medial /t/ over real and remembered time
Jennifer Hay & Paul Foulkes


The short answer: Implications for direct compositionality (and vice versa)
Pauline Jacobson


The early influence of phonology on a phonetic change
Josef Fruehwald


Repair organization in Chinantec whistled speech
Mark A. Sicoli


On the cognitive basis of contact-induced sound change: Vowel merger reversal in Shanghainese
Yao Yao & Charles B. Chang


Phonological Analysis (Online Only)

Tone assignment in Hong Kong English
Lian-Hee Wee


From intensional properties to universal support
Birgit Alber, Natalie DelBusso, & Alan Prince

Research Report (Online-only)

What sound symbolism can and cannot do: Testing the iconicity of ideophones from five languages
Mark Dingemanse, Will Schuerman, Eva Reinisch, Sylvia Tufvesson, & Holger Mitterer


Book Reviews

Aboh: The emergence of hybrid grammars: Language contact and change
A. Zribi-Hertz

Alexiadou et al: External arguments in transitivity alternations: A layering approach 
M. Rappaport Hovav

Emonds & Faarlund: English: The language of the vikings
D. W. Lightfoot

Widawski: African American slang: A linguistic description
S. King