Below is a list of forthcoming articles in the LSA's Semantics and Pragmatics (S&P)For more information visit the LSA's Semantics and Pragmatics page here.

  • Neg-raising and positive polarity: The view from modals
         Vincent Homer
  • Contrast and the structure of discourse
         Maziar Toosarvandani
  • Cancelling the Maxim of Quantity: Another challenge for a Gricean theory of Scalar Implicatures
         Danny Fox
  • Mixed quotation: The grammar of apparently transparent opacity
         Emar Maier
  • Dependent indefinites and their post-suppositions
        Robert Henderson
  • Typicality made familiar: A commentary on Geurts and van Tiel (2013)
         Chris Cummins
  • Dysfluencies as intra-utterance dialogue moves
         Jonathan Ginzburg, Raquel Fern├índez, and David Schlangen