Established in 2022 as the Ad Hoc Committee on Future Annual Meetings


The Ad Hoc Committee on Future Annual Meetings is to develop a strategic plan for the long-range future of the LSA Annual Meeting. 

The Responsibilities of the Committee include:

To identify goals and objectives for future meetings of the LSA relating to:

  • The presentation of high-caliber scholarly research and professional development content
  • Increasing participation and active engagement in meeting sessions and events
  • Ensuring adequate revenue streams to support the costs of holding the meeting
  • Enabling increased access to meeting content and activities for all linguists
  • Reducing the environmental impact of the meeting
  • Facilitating synergies with other core activities of the LSA, such as publishing, Institutes, advocacy, and public outreach
  • Enhancing opportunities for building community, collaboration, dialogue, and informal connections among meeting participants
  • The optimal formats and venues for all of the above, including the possibility of multiple meetings and events spread out over the course of the year

Membership (by invitation)

One current Program Committee Co-Chair; the current Student Member of the Program Committee; Up to three past Program Committee Co-Chairs; LSA Meetings Manager (ex-officio); Up to three LSA members-at-large with expertise in conference planning; and one representative of an LSA Sister Society.

To express interest in receiving an invitation to serve on this committee, please contact the Secretariat staff.

Term of Service

The Committee will make preliminary recommendations to the Executive Committee so that they can be incorporated into plans for the 2024 Centennial Meeting. These recommendations shall be made no later than April 2023 and final recommendations so that they can be considered for implementation at the 2025 Annual Meeting (no later than April 2024), for which there are no current contractual obligations. Recommendations for 2026 and beyond are also requested within this timeframe.

Members, 2022

  • Colin Phillips, Chair
  • Kristine Yu
  • Susan Steele
  • Andries Coetzee
  • Julie Roberts
  • Liz McCullough
  • Allyson Ettinger
  • Meg Cychosz
  • Troy Messick
  • Executive Committee Liaison: Frederick Newmeyer
  • Staff Liaison: Margaret Vitullo