To join the First Generation Access and Equity Committee, please email [email protected].


The Committee explores and pursues ways to advance the interests of members who were the first generation in their family to attend college or university.


The responsibilities of the Committee include but are not limited to:

  • Maintaining communication among first-generation linguists.
  • Empowering first-generation linguists by providing resources, advice, and opportunities often not extended to those whose families do not have experience navigating academia or linguistic careers.
  • Highlighting the work and careers of first-generation linguists.
  • Educating others about the strengths and resourcefulness of first-generation linguists.
  • Proposing organized sessions, workshops, and networking events oriented to first-generation linguists.


Open to all interested LSA members. To join the First Generation Access and Equity Committee, please email [email protected].

Committee Leadership 2023

  • Chair: Iara Mantenuto
  • Executive Committee Liaison: Frederick J. Newmeyer
  • Staff Liaison: Vy Le

Resources for First-Gen Students in Linguistics

Information about being First Gen

  • Description of the term First Gen and list of resources (Maryville University): Webpage
  • Who is a First Gen student? (Chronicle of Higher Education): Webpage
  • Center for First-Generation Student Success: Website
  • First Generation Foundation: Website
  • First Gen Empower: Website
  • FGAE logo and Zoom background: Webpage

Information about Linguistics

  • What is Linguistics? (UCLA): Webpage
  • Tips for your first Linguistics class (Making Noise & Hearing Things): Webpage
  • Linguistic Society of America: Website
  • Best colleges for Linguistics (College Transitions): Webpage
  • Highest ranked colleges with Linguistics majors (U.S. News & World Report): Website
  • Series of 80+ interviews with people who studied Linguistics and got jobs outside of academia (Superlinguo): Webpage
  • Detailed slideshow about careers in Linguistics (Lauren Gawne and Gretchen McCulloch): Google Slides file
  • Career resources in Linguistics (Georgetown University): Webpage

Financial aid

  • Linguistic Society of America's fellowships, grants, and awards: Webpage
  • Linguistic Society of America fee waivers for LSA membership: Webpage
  • Information and examples of First Gen grants and scholarships (College Grants Database): Webpage
  • Michigan Humanities Emerging Research Scholars Program for students from diverse backgrounds interested in graduate school: Webpage
  • The University of California, Los Angeles offers graduate school application fee waivers for prospective students meeting certain financial criteria: Webpage

Resources for success in college and academia

  • Tips to succeed as a First Gen college student (Meredith College): Webpage
  • A First Gen student's list of tips for other First Gen students (Boston University): Webpage
  • Tips on note taking (Bangor University): Webpage
  • Teacher Portfolio & Preparation Series for graduate students entering the job market (University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa): Website

First Gen scholars to follow

  • Natasha Abner (University of Michigan): Website
  • Ander Beristain (Saint Louis University): Website
  • Ivano Caponigro (University of California San Diego): Website
  • Monica Do (University of Chicago): Website
  • Caterine Leger (University of Victoria): Website
  • Iara Mantenuto (California State University, Dominguez Hills): Website
  • Miranda McCarvel (Smith College): Website
  • Jason Merchant (University of Chicago): Website
  • Jennifer Nycz (Georgetown University): Website
  • Colin Philips (University of Maryland and University of Oxford): Website
  • La'Tonya Rease-Miles (ReUp Education): Website
  • Jessica Rett (University of California, Los Angeles): Website
  • Peter Joseph Torres (Arizona State University): Website

If you're a First Gen scholar and would like to be featured on this page, contact us!

Resources for First-Gen Allies

  • Great ways to support First Gen students (US Department of Education): Webpage
  • Videos on supporting First Gen students (Dr. Peter Torres): Webpage
  • How to help First Gen students succeed (The Atlantic): Article
  • More ways college administrators and faculty members can support First Gen students (Inside Higher Ed): Webpage
  • How to demystify the college experience (Harvard Business Publishing): Webpage