To join the Committee on Publications email the Secretariat staff.



Throughout its history, the LSA has convened individual members to consult on its scholarly publishing activities. In recent years, this has included the appointment of a Publications Advisor, an Advisory Board for eLanguage, a Committee of Editors of Linguistics Journals, and an ad-hoc subcommittee of the Executive Committee. As an outgrowth of the 2014-2018 Long-range Strategic Plan, a new standing committee on Publications was appointed by the LSA in 2014 to address strategic goals and objectives for its publishing program.


To ensure that the LSA’s publishing program meets the strategic goals and objectives for scholarly communication, as defined in the long-range strategic plan.


  • To interpret and apply the LSA’s Guidelines for Approving New Periodical Content, making formal recommendations to the EC as appropriate.
  • To aid the editors of LSA journals when they seek consultation concerning large-scale strategic or operational matters.
  • To develop specific criteria for evaluating the quality of the LSA’s publishing program.
  • To develop a framework for determining how the LSA’s publications program can best meet the needs of the linguistics community by publishing work in areas of linguistic inquiry that are currently under-served.
  • To develop a framework for ongoing evaluation of new additions to the LSA’s publishing program and make recommendations for any necessary modifications to ensure that the program is achieving the stated goals and objectives of the LSA’s strategic plan.
  • To advise the Executive Committee on the appointment of: a) the editors-in-chief of LSA  journals and publications, and b) members of advisory boards, committees, and special interest groups relating to publications.
  • To advise the Secretariat on emerging issues affecting the business environment for scholarly publishing and the LSA’s business model for sustaining its internal publications.

Membership (by invitation)

To express interest in receiving an invitation to serve on this committee, please contact the Secretariat staff.

  • The Secretary-Treasurer of the LSA (ex-officio)
  • A former Editor or Associate Editor of an LSA journal
  • An LSA member who is the Editor of an external journal
  • An at-large member of the EC
  • An at-large member of the LSA
  • The LSA Publications Advisor (for the first year of committee business only)
  • Staff liaison: the Executive Director

To ensure long-term continuity, the duration of service is five years by default, with members serving staggered terms. The at-large member of the EC is to serve a variable term of 1-3 years, depending on the date of appointment to the EC.

Committee Members

  • Chair: Patrick Farrell, University of California, Davis, Chair
  • Joseph Salmons, University of Wisconsin-Madison 
  • Kristen Syrett, Rutgers University 
  • Kie Zuraw, University of California, Los Angeles 
  • Executive Committee Liaison: Frederick Newmeyer
  • Staff Liaison: Margaret Vitullo

Guidelines for Approving New Periodical Content