Established in 2016 and retired in 2022. Please see the Linguistics in the School Curriculum Committee for more information about the LSA's current activities related to this topic.


This ad hoc Committee worked with the College Board (CB) and high-school teachers to create a national AP Linguistics curriculum and exam.


The responsibilities of the Committee included but were not limited to:

- Development (in collaboration with CB) of a national AP Linguistics curriculum and exam.

- Development of teacher training for delivery of the AP Linguistics curriculum and exam.

- Development of funding to underwrite curriculum development, testing and teacher training.

The Committee was authorized and encouraged to collaborate with other LSA committees, professional societies and organizations pursuing parallel and related efforts (e.g., the Lx A-levels Project in the U.K.).

Membership (by invitation)

Curriculum Development Subcommittee:  Jeffrey Heinz (University of Delaware), Walt Wolfram (North Carolina State University)

Teacher Training Subcommittee:  Jeff Lidz (University of Maryland), Lori Repetti (Stony Brook University), Donca Steriade (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

High School Outreach Subcommittee:  Beth Keyser (Superior (MT) Public Schools), Suzanne Loosen (Milwaukee School of Languages), David Pippin (St. Thomas School, Medina, WA), Christina Tortora (The Graduate Center, CUNY)

Fund Raising Subcommittee: Richard Larson (Stony Brook University), David Lightfoot (Georgetown University)

Executive Committee Liaison: John Baugh

Staff Liaison:

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