Institute on Collaborative Language Research

Workshops: June 15-26, 2020

Practica: June 29-July 17, 2020

The Institute on Collaborative Language Research in 2020 (CoLang 2020) will be hosted by the University of Montana in collaboration with Chief Dull Knife College.

CoLang is an international institute for language activists, teachers, linguists and students from language communities and academia to obtain hands-on skills in language documentation and revitalization as practiced in collaborative contexts as well as in technology and basic linguistics in community-based research contexts. The Institute creates multi-dimensional networks among community language workers, teachers, researchers, and students.

The LSA and CoLang

Since 2015, the LSA has been pleased to serve as a long-term sponsor of CoLang, providing continuing support for the foreseeable future of this critical event. As a co-sponsor, the LSA provides financial underwriting for student fellowships, in-kind promotional support, and contributes to the scholarly content of the Institute. The CoLang Charter [pdf] provides information about the mission, goals and objectives of the Institute.