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The LSA was pleased to co-sponsor CoLang 2016, the Institute on Collaborative Language Research (formerly InField). CoLang 2016 took place June 20 -  July 23, 2016, hosted by the Alaska Native Language Center (ANLC) at the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF), with Dr. Siri Tuttle and Dr. Alice Taff as Co-directors.

CoLang offers an opportunity for practicing linguists, undergraduate and graduate students, and indigenous language community members to develop and refine skills and approaches to language documentation and revitalization. The Institute is designed to provide an opportunity for a diverse range of participants to become trained in a wide range of skills in community-centered language documentation.


The Institute consisted of two parts: 1) the Workshops - 2 weeks of intensive sessions on practices, principles and models of language documentation and revitalization, and 2) the Practica - a 3-week session to apply hands-on techniques in language documentation with speakers of indigenous languages. Participants had the option to enroll in only the 2-week Workshops.

  • Workshops: June 20 - July 1, 2016.
  • Practicum/Field Methods: July 5 - 23, 2016.

The Workshops and Practicum were integrated, as students who enrolled in a Practicum were required to enroll in the preceding Workshops, thereby receiving an intensive course in documentary best practices before applying these skills in a Practicum.

About the ANLC

Alaska is a major center of linguistic diversity, home to 20 indigenous languages, ancestral homeland for two major language families: Inuit-Yupik-Unangam Tunuu (Eskimo-Aleut) and Na-Dene. Alaskans are active in language documentation and revitalization at every social and institutional level from homes to the state legislature.

Because ANLC houses the extensive Alaska Native Language Archives (ANLA), CoLang 2016 had a strong focus on archiving. Participants had the opportunity to see a language archive at work. Through preparatory workshops prior to the Alaskan language practica, participants built a background for their field experience by studying the archived documentation relating to that language. The archiving workshops at previous InField/CoLangs have been theoretical; CoLang 2016 offered hands-on archiving work on site.


Thanks to the generosity of our many sponsors, UAF-ANLC will host CoLang 2016.

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