The Linguistic Society of America is an official sponsor of CoLang 2014. For full list of other sponsors, see below.

CoLang 2014, the 2014 Institute on Collaborative Language Research (formerly InField) will occur in June and July 2014, hosted by The University of Texas at Arlington, with Dr. Colleen Fitzgerald as Director. CoLang 2014 is funded by a National Science Foundation grant, BCS#263939 and by various units at UT Arlington. The theme of CoLang 2014 is Native American languages, but participants and instructors from countries all over the world are expected to attend. 

CoLang offers an opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students, practicing linguists, and indigenous community members to develop and refine skills and approaches to language documentation and revitalization. The Institute is designed to provide an opportunity for a diverse range of participants to become trained in a wide range of skills in community-centered language documentation.

The institute consists of two parts: the Workshops - two weeks of intensive workshops on practices, principals and models of language documentation and revitalization, followed by a four-week field methods course, working with speakers of select indigenous languages applying hands-on techniques in language documentation. Participants may choose to enroll only in the two-week Workshops.

  • Workshops: June 16-27 2014
  • Field Methods/Practicum: June 30 – July 25, 2014.

The two parts are integrated, as students who enroll in the field training are required to enroll in the preceding Workshops, thereby receiving an intensive course in documentary best practices before putting these skills to use.

Sponsors: Thanks to the generosity of our many sponsors, UT Arlington will host CoLang 2014.

  • The National Science Foundation, grant BCS#263939
  • Linguistic Society of America
  • Endangered Language Fund Native Voices Endowment

At The University of Texas at Arlington, a number of units are supporting CoLang 2014.

  • Office of the President, UT Arlington
  • Office of the Provost, UT Arlington
  • Office of Research Administration, UT Arlington
  • College of Liberal Arts, UT Arlington
  • College of Education and Health Professions, UT Arlington
  • Office of Graduate Studies, UT Arlington
  • Dept. of Linguistics and TESOL, UT Arlington

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Advisory Circle: Co-Conveners: Mary Linn (2014; CELP Liaison); Toshihide Nakayama (2014); Other Members:Kennedy Bosire; (2016); Jenny Davis (2014); Arienne Dwyer (2016); Colleen Fitzgerald (2018); Margaret Florey (2014); Susan Gehr (2016); Spike Gildea (2014); Brad McDonnell (2014); Daryn McKenny (2016); Carlos Nash (2016); Keren Rice (2014); Patricia Shaw (2014; SSILA Liaison); and Eno-Abasi Urua (2014)

Previous Institute Hosts: Previous Institutes were hosted by the University of Kansas in 2012 (CoLang 2012), the University of Oregon in 2010 (InField 2010), and the University of California, Santa Barbara in 2008 (InField 2008).

Charter Co-Lang/InField Institute Charter (Adopted June 26, 2012)