At the 2016 LSA Annual Meeting in Washington, DC, CELP members Kristine Hildebrandt, Carmen Jany and Wilson Silva organized a special panel on documenting variation in endangered/minority languages. The panel focused on questions, methods and variables as conceived, employed and challenged in the overlapping areas of language variation and endangered or minority language documentation.  The panel presentations and posters are presented here in PDF or URL hyper-linked form.

•    Sali Tagliamonte. A Sociolinguistic perspective on linguistic documentation.
•    Naomi Nagy. Studying more and less endangered heritage varieties.
•    Katie Drager, Bethany Kaleialohapau‘ole Chun Comstock, and Hina Puamohala Kneubuhl.
      Ka puana paʻa ʻole: glottal stop variation in Hawaiian.
•    Katia Chirkova, James Stanford, Dehe Wang. Documenting consonantal variation in Ganluo Ersu.
•    Alice Mitchell. Documenting taboo-motivated lexical variation in an avoidance register of Datooga.
•    Jeff Good. Documenting multilingual practices in the Lower Fungom region of Cameroon.
•    Amalia Skilton and Stephanie Farmer. Getting personal: life-history variables and variation in Northern Maíh́ɨk̃i.
•    Maya Ravindranath and Connor Quinn. Language Shift and Linguistic Insecurity.