Thank you for your interest in learning more about this important project. The goal of the CEDL Curriculum Vitae Database Project is to assist search committees with identifying a diverse pool of linguists as prospective candidates for job openings at their home institutions. In order for the project to succeed, we need the help of all LSA members in completing certain components of their member profiles in our online database. Completing your member profile only takes a few moments of your time, and has the added benefit of helping the LSA gain an accurate picture of how well we are doing in our continuing efforts to recruit and retain a diverse group of linguists as members. And finally, LSA members with a complete profile are eligible for annual prize drawings that include awards for free meeting registration; free one-year memberships; and gift cards for online retail outlets.

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Log in to the LSA website

2. Click on the “Profile” tab below your name to review the information you’ve already provided. You should also see a profile completion progress bar that will give you a better idea of how much additional information is needed (see screen shot below).

3. Click on the “Edit” tab below your name to update the information you’ve already provided and add new items as appropriate.

4. Under “Personal Information” be sure to include the URL for your homepage (see screen shot below). This will save you the trouble of updating your CV on the LSA website every time you make a change.

5. Under “Personal Information” also be sure to provide information about your Ethnicity and Gender (see screen shot below).

6. Under “Professional Activities ” be sure to upload your CV (see screen shot below).

7. Under “Account Settings” indicate your preference for whether your information is to be shared with fellow LSA members or restricted just to LSA website administrators (see screen shot below). Note, this preference can be changed at any time.

8. Click Save and review your profile completion bar to make sure you’ve answered everything.

How will my information be used by the LSA?

The LSA uses member profile data, in the aggregate, to generate reports on the demographic profile of the LSA membership as a whole, and to assess progress in achieving our goals for a broadly inclusive and diverse community of linguists. For those who have signed-up to serve as mentors, custom queries may be performed by those seeking mentorship from diverse perspectives based on demographics and professional specializations.  For those who have uploaded a CV, provided a homepage URL, or self-identified as a member of a specific racial/ethnic group, the data may be used by LSA admins to generate a custom report for search committees of prospective candidates from traditionally under-represented groups. For example, a search committee might request a list of names for all LSA members specializing in a sub-field of linguistics who are people of color.


If you have any questions or concerns about your participation (prospective or active) in this project, or need technical assistance, or wish to report a problem, please contact David Robinson. All inquiries will be handled in confidence.