HISTORICAL SYNTAX, a new online-only section of Language, welcomes theoretically informed submissions dealing with any aspect of historical syntax, whether diachronic change or the synchronic description of historical language states. Submissions that combine philological expertise with insights from linguistic theory are particularly welcome, though no particular theory or framework will be given precedence. The open-access, online-only format makes the section ideal for hosting articles that go beyond the limitations of print: for instance, corpus queries and collections of data can be made available as supplementary files, making high-quality quantitative work replicable in a way that is impossible in traditional print journals. The associate editors for Historical Syntax are Caitlin Light, Ian Roberts, and George Walkden. Manuscripts should follow the general guidelines for contributors to Language as found in the Notes to Contributors. Manuscripts for publication should be sent to [email protected], marked clearly as submissions for the Historical Syntax section. Contact information for editorial staff can be found at http://www.linguisticsociety.org/lsa-publications/language/editors.

Download the call for papers as a PDF.