The LSA will entertain proposals for satellite workshops to be held immediately before or after the LSA’s 2016 Annual Meeting, which will be held in Washington, DC from January 7-10. Workshops may be on any topic of interest to participants in the Annual Meeting, and typically take place during the one or two days immediately preceding or following the main meeting, sometimes with overlap on the first or last day. The 2012 Annual Meeting featured two Satellite Workshops, one on Sociolinguistic Archival Preparation and one on Input and Syntactic Acquisition. The 2013 Meeting featured one on Foundations of Historical Linguistics: Dynamics of Hunter-Gatherer Language Change.

Preliminary workshop proposals, not to exceed three pages, should be submitted to the LSA Secretariat with sufficient lead time to allow for approved proposals to seek any necessary external funding, but in all cases no later than May 15 of the year preceeding the meeting. Proposals should be sent to [email protected] with the words "Proposal for LSA 2016 Annual Meeting Satellite Workshop" in the subject line. Any LSA member may propose a workshop.

The Program Committee will appoint an ad hoc subcommittee of three people, composed of current or former Program Committee members, to review the preliminary proposals. The review will be primarily for relevance to the concerns of LSA members, but the review committee may take other factors into account as well.

The Secretariat will incorporate workshops approved by the review committee in its planning for the relevant Annual Meeting. The LSA will support the workshops by providing meeting space (if available), publicity through the same channels used to publicize the Annual Meeting itself, and administrative services, including registration. Any incremental expenses incurred by the workshop, such as for audio-visual services or food and drink for the participants, are the responsibility of the workshop. Preliminary workshop proposals must include a budget detailing such expenses if any, and a plan for covering them, whether from an existing grant, a proposed grant, contributions from the participants, or other sources.

The LSA is prepared to assist organizers in seeking external funding for approved workshops, including serving as submitting/grantee institution for funding proposals. For practical reasons, proposals intended for submission to a funding agency, such as the NSF, are generally considered a year ahead of the planned workshop, i.e. in January of the year preceding the Annual Meeting when the workshop is to be held. Organizers planning to seek funding with a proposal through the LSA must be prepared to work intensively with Secretariat staff to prepare the proposal.