Institutions wishing to purchase memberships in bulk for their new or continuing students may do so at a $10/year discount from the normal rates.

Student members of the LSA receive the following benefits, among others:

  • Steeply discounted registration rates for the Annual Meeting;
  • Eligibility to submit abstracts for presentation at the Annual Meeting and to apply for student fellowships to the Linguistic Institute and/or CoLang;
  • Free online access to Language and the LSA's other publications and eligibility to submit work for publication in them;
  • Membership in LSA Committees or Special Interest Groups;
  • Updates on LSA and linguistics news through our e-newsletter;
  • Exclusive members-only content at, including a Jobs Center, the Linguistic Academic Depository, Book Exchange, the Women in Linguistics Mentoring Alliance (WILMA), data about the discipline, and research, publication, and external funding resources;
  • Voting rights in LSA elections and on resolutions of relevance to the entire field;

To purchase a bulk membership, please complete this form (.pdf), indicating a payment method, the names and e-mail addresses of the students and whether or not they will receive Language in hard copy, and return it to the LSA by postal mail (522 21st St NW, Suite 120, Washington, DC 20006), or email (to [email protected], as a .pdf attachment).