This workgroup was convened in 2018 to advise the Secretariat staff on all aspects of developing and executing an ongoing Mentoring Initiative as a service to the LSA membership.


Note: Members are listed with their committee affiliation

  • Melissa Baese-Berk (Committee on Gender Equity in Linguistics and Public Relations Committee)
  • Evan Bradley (Committee on Public Policy)
  • Alicia Chatten (Committee on Student Issues and Concerns)
  • Archie Crowley (Committee on LBGTQ+ [Z] Issues in Linguistics)
  • Kristin Denham (Linguistics in the Schools Curriculum Committee)
  • Jorge Emilio Rosés Labrada (Committee on Endangered Languages and Their Preservation)
  • Sonja Lanehart (Committee on Ethnic Diversity in Linguistics)
  • Michal Temkin Martinez (Scholarly Teaching in Linguistics - Special Interest Group)
  • Iman Nick (Ethics Committee)
  • Tamer Osman (Linguistics in Higher Education Committee)
  • Keren Rice (Committee on Linguisitic Institutes and Fellowships)