Welcome to the webpage of the Committee of Editors of Linguistics Journals

This organization started informally in 2003 with a meeting at the Linguistic Society of America (LSA), where we have held yearly committee meetings since then. We also host an email discussion group. We are working to increase communication among journal editors, reviewers, authors and readers in our field. We have held symposia to that end, and materials presented at our 2009 event on journal rankings and citation indexes are available below. We have also developed a unified style sheet for linguistics journals (see link below) that is being adopted by numerous journals and publishers. The group is open to all editors (including associate and book review editors) of journals involved in the scientific study of language.

New LSA Guidelines on Inclusive Language (for Editors, Authors and Reviewers)

Materials from the 2016 LSA

2015 LSA Summer Institute, COGEL (formerly COSWL)/COSIAC Professionalization Workshop, the Publishing Process

2015 LSA Annual Meeting Special Session on the Publishing Process

Materials from the 2013 LSA Open Access Symposium

Materials from the 2013 LSA

Materials from the 2012 LSA

Materials from the 2011 LSA

Materials from the 2010 LSA

Materials from the 2009 LSA Symposium "The Impact of Linguistics Journals Rankings and Citations"

Unified Style Sheet for Linguistics PDF

Contact: Andries Coetzee