Titlesort descending Type Description Date Details
Direct Objects and Language Acquisition Book 07/17/2019 view
Modularity in Syntax Book 08/23/2018 view
A Comparative Grammar of Borgomanerese Book 02/10/2017 view
A Dictionary of Ch' Orti: Mayan Spanish English Book 08/23/2018 view
A Dynamic Study of Some Derivative Processes in English Grammar: Towards a Theory of Explanation Book 02/06/2020 view
A Grammar of Akabea Book 05/17/2021 view
A Grammar of Old English (4 Copies) Book Richard M. Hogg and R.D. Fulk 12/14/2012 view
A Grammar of Old English, vol. 2 Book 3 copies 07/17/2019 view
A Life for Language Book 08/23/2018 view
A Modest Defence of Publick Stew's Book Prostitution and its Discontents 12/14/2012 view
A short Course in Intellectual Self - Defense Book 08/23/2018 view
A Survey of Applied Linguistics Book 08/23/2018 view
Advances in Proto-Basque Reconstruction with Evidence for the Proto-Indo-European-Euskarian Hypothesis Book, Journal Routledge Studies in Historical Linguistics 02/06/2020 view
Advancing Postdoc Women Guidebook Book 08/23/2018 view
African American Language Book 05/17/2021 view
Afrika und Ubersee Journal Band 92 - Heft 1/2. 2015/16 03/16/2020 view
Agreement and its Failures Book 02/17/2017 view
Agreement Beyond Phi Book 08/23/2018 view
All-Romanized English-Japanese Dictionary Book 07/17/2019 view
Alliteration in Culture Book Edited by Jonathan Ropter 12/14/2012 view
Alphabet Juice (2 Copies) Book Roy Blount Jr. 12/14/2012 view
An Introduction to Language 6th Edison Book 08/23/2018 view
An Introduction to Language and Linguistics Book 08/23/2018 view
An Introduction to Sociolinguistics Book 05/04/2020 view
An Irish-Speaking Island Book 07/17/2019 view
Ancient Texts and Modern Readers: Studies in Ancient Hebrew Linguistics and Bible Translation Book, Journal Studia Semitica Neerlandica volume 71 02/06/2020 view
Annotated Texts in Betta Kurumba Book 02/06/2020 view
Arapaho Stories, Songs, and Prayers Book 08/23/2018 view
Arobic in Context edited Book 08/23/2018 view
Assertion Book Mark Jary 12/14/2012 view
Atong Texts: Glossed, Translated and Annotated Narratives in a Tibeto-Burman Language of Meghalaya, Northeast India Book Brill's Studies in South and Southwest Asian Languages volume 12 02/06/2020 view
Babel No More Book 02/17/2017 view
Bad Language: Are Some Words Better Than Others? Book By Edwin L. Battistella 12/14/2012 view
Bilingualism in the Community Book 07/17/2019 view
Born To Parse Book 05/17/2021 view
Borrowing Book 07/17/2019 view
Buddhist Hybrid Sanskrit Reader Book 08/23/2018 view
Building Predicates Book 02/17/2017 view
Case, Word Order and Prominence: Interacting Cues in Language Production and Comprehension Book Edited by Monique Lamers, Peter de Swart 04/15/2013 view
CD-ROM for African Research Needs Book Guidelines for Selecting Databases, Lisbeth Levey, editor 12/14/2012 view
Changes in Complementation in British and American English Book Corpus-Based Studies on Non-Finite complements in Recent English 12/14/2012 view
Changing Minds Changing Tools: From Learning Theory to Language Acquisition to Language Change Book 02/06/2020 view
Cherokee Narratives Book 07/17/2019 view
classical NEG Raising: an essay on the syntax of negation Book 02/10/2017 view
Cognitive Discourse Analysis: An Introduction Book Cambridge publishers 06/19/2020 view
Compositional Semantics - An Introduction to the Syntax/Semantics Interface Book 08/24/2020 view
Compounding in Modern Greek Book by Angela Ralli 04/30/2013 view
Computational Methods for Corpus Annotation and Analysis Book 02/11/2016 view
Computers in Education: A Half-Century of Innovation Book 02/09/2018 view
concepts, syntax, and their interface: the theta system Book 02/10/2017 view