Title Type Descriptionsort descending Date Details
Space and Quantification in Language of China Book 02/11/2016 view
Computational Methods for Corpus Annotation and Analysis Book 02/11/2016 view
Yearbook of Corpus Linguistics and Pragmatics 2015: Current Approaches to Discourse and Translation Studies Book 02/11/2016 view
Speaking Our Minds: Why Human Communication is Different, and How Language Evolved to Make It Special Book 02/11/2016 view
Nimericks (Narrative Limericks) Book 08/01/2016 view
Um: slips, stumbles, and verbal blunders and what they mean Book 02/10/2017 view
Inflectional Paradigms: content and form at the syntax-morphology interface Book 02/10/2017 view
Diachrony of verb morphology: Japanese and Transeurasian languages Book 02/10/2017 view
concepts, syntax, and their interface: the theta system Book 02/10/2017 view
Evolutionary Syntax Book 02/10/2017 view
classical NEG Raising: an essay on the syntax of negation Book 02/10/2017 view
Word Meaning and Syntax Book 02/10/2017 view
Phrase Structure and Argument Book 02/10/2017 view
A Comparative Grammar of Borgomanerese Book 02/10/2017 view
voice and v: lessons from Acehnese Book 02/17/2017 view
Why only us: language and evolution Book 02/17/2017 view
First Language Acquisition Book 02/17/2017 view
Pennsylvania Dutch Book 02/17/2017 view
Agreement and its Failures Book 02/17/2017 view
The Bilingual Mind Book 02/17/2017 view
Speaking Mexicano Book 02/17/2017 view
Natural Language and Linguistic Theory Book 02/17/2017 view
Intimate Grammars Book 02/17/2017 view
Babel No More Book 02/17/2017 view
The Universal Structure of Categories Book 02/17/2017 view
Quantifiers and Cognition: Logical and Computational Perspectives Book 02/17/2017 view
Post-admission Language Assessment of University Students Book 02/17/2017 view
Building Predicates Book 02/17/2017 view
Responsible Design in Applied Linguistics: Theory and Practice Book 02/17/2017 view
On Language Book 02/17/2017 view
Inferences with Ignorance: Logics of Questions Book 02/09/2018 view
Computers in Education: A Half-Century of Innovation Book 02/09/2018 view
Logic Reasoning with Diagrams & Sentences Book 02/09/2018 view
Following Searle on twitter Book 02/09/2018 view
Translation: Linguistic and Philosophical Perspectives Book 02/09/2018 view
Japanese/Korean Linguistics Book 02/09/2018 view
Jacy: An Implemented Grammar of Japanese Book 02/09/2018 view
The Truth about Language: What it is and where it came from Book 02/09/2018 view
A Dictionary of Ch' Orti: Mayan Spanish English Book 08/23/2018 view
A Life for Language Book 08/23/2018 view
A short Course in Intellectual Self - Defense Book 08/23/2018 view
Advancing Postdoc Women Guidebook Book 08/23/2018 view
A Survey of Applied Linguistics Book 08/23/2018 view
Agreement Beyond Phi Book 08/23/2018 view
An Introduction to Language 6th Edison Book 08/23/2018 view
An Introduction to Language and Linguistics Book 08/23/2018 view
Arobic in Context edited Book 08/23/2018 view
Arapaho Stories, Songs, and Prayers Book 08/23/2018 view
Buddhist Hybrid Sanskrit Reader Book 08/23/2018 view
Constituent Questions: Book 08/23/2018 view