Title Type Description Date Details
Processing Syntax and Morphology Book by Ina Bornkessel-Schlesewsky and Matthias Schlesewsky 12/14/2012 view
Language Policy and Nation-Building in Post-Apartheid South Book Language Policy and Nation-Building in Post-Apartheid South Africa, by Jon Orman. Springer, 2008. 12/14/2012 view
Language and the Market Book Edited by Helen Kelly-holmes and Gerlinde Mautner 12/14/2012 view
Translation Under Facism Book Edited by Christopher Rundle and Kate Sturge 12/14/2012 view
Changes in Complementation in British and American English Book Corpus-Based Studies on Non-Finite complements in Recent English 12/14/2012 view
Theory and Concepts of English for Academic Purposes Book Ian Bruce 12/14/2012 view
Key concepts in Bilingualism Book Fredric W. Field 12/14/2012 view
Experience, Evidence and Sense (3 copies) Book The Hidden Cultural Legacy of English 12/14/2012 view
The Frameworks of English Book Kim Ballard 12/14/2012 view
The Life and Death of Texas German Book Hans C. Boas 12/14/2012 view
Language and Equilibrium Book Prashant Parikh 12/14/2012 view
Why Argree? Why Move? Book Miyagawa 12/14/2012 view
Grammar as Science Book Richard K. Larson 12/14/2012 view
Foundations of Voice Stdies (2 Copies) Book An Interdisciplinary Approach to Voice Production and Perception 12/14/2012 view
Localism vs Globalism in Morphology and Phonology (4 Copies) Book David Embick 12/14/2012 view
Linguistic Nativism & the Poverty of the Stimulus (3 Copies) Book Alexander Clark and Shalom Lappin 12/14/2012 view
English Grammar (3 Copies) Book Understanding the Basics 12/14/2012 view
A Grammar of Old English (4 Copies) Book Richard M. Hogg and R.D. Fulk 12/14/2012 view
Key Concepts in Second Language Acquisition (2 Copies) Book Shawn Loewen and Hayo Reinders 12/14/2012 view
Lingistics for Everyone Book Instructors Edition 12/14/2012 view
News Talk Book Investigating the Language of Journalism 12/14/2012 view
Exploring Semiotic Remediation as Discourse Practice Book Edited by Paul A. Prior and Julie A. Hengst 12/14/2012 view
Meaning and Analysis Book New Essays on Grice 12/14/2012 view
Assertion Book Mark Jary 12/14/2012 view
Intercultral Journeys Book From Study to Residence Abroad 12/14/2012 view
Alliteration in Culture Book Edited by Jonathan Ropter 12/14/2012 view
Alphabet Juice (2 Copies) Book Roy Blount Jr. 12/14/2012 view
Studying the English Language Book Rob Penhallurick Second Edition 12/14/2012 view
From Migrant to Citizen Book Testing Language, Testing Culture 12/14/2012 view
The Grammar of Q Book Q-Particles, Wh-Movement and Pied-piping 12/14/2012 view
The Signs of a Savant Book Language Against the Odds 12/14/2012 view
The Morphology and Syntax of Topic and Focus Book Minimalist Inquiries in the Quechua Periphery 12/14/2012 view
Language in the Real World Book An Introduction to Linguistics 12/14/2012 view
Gossip Book and the Everyday Production of Politics 12/14/2012 view
Copyrights and Copywrongs Book The Rise of Intellectual Property and How It Threatens Creativity by Siva Vaidhyanathan 12/14/2012 view