Title Type Description Date Details
Multilingualism, Nationhood, and Cultural Identity Book 02/09/2018 view
Multilingualism, Nationhood, and Cultural Identity Book 02/09/2018 view
The Languages of Scandinavia: Seven Sisters of the North Book 02/09/2018 view
Language and Prehistory of the Indo-European Peoples: A Cross-Disciplinary Perspective Book 02/09/2018 view
The Truth about Language: What it is and where it came from Book 02/09/2018 view
Jacy: An Implemented Grammar of Japanese Book 02/09/2018 view
Mathematical Structures in Language Book 02/09/2018 view
Japanese/Korean Linguistics Book 02/09/2018 view
The PhDictionary: A Glossary of Things You Don't Know (but Should) about Doctoral and Faculty Life Book 02/09/2018 view
Write No Matter What Book 02/09/2018 view
From Dissertation to Book Book 02/09/2018 view
Syntax of Dutch Book Copies: Six 02/09/2018 view
Linguistic Bibliography / Bibliographie Linguistique 2016 Book Language: Dual English and French 02/09/2018 view
Mood, Aspect, Modality Revisited Book 02/09/2018 view
Translation: Linguistic and Philosophical Perspectives Book 02/09/2018 view
From Notes to Narrative Book 02/09/2018 view
Following Searle on twitter Book 02/09/2018 view
Linguistic and Cultural Foreign Policies of European States Book 02/09/2018 view
French as Language of Intimacy in the Modern Age Book Language: Dual English and French 02/09/2018 view
The Comparative Method of Language Acquisition Research Book 02/09/2018 view
breve historia de la lengua española (a brief history of the Spanish language, Spanish Edition) Book Language: Spanish 02/09/2018 view
a brief history of the Spanish language Book 02/09/2018 view
Logic Reasoning with Diagrams & Sentences Book 02/09/2018 view
Computers in Education: A Half-Century of Innovation Book 02/09/2018 view
Inferences with Ignorance: Logics of Questions Book 02/09/2018 view
Dynamics of Teaching and Learning Modern Hebrew as an Additional Language Book 02/09/2018 view
On Language Book 02/17/2017 view
Responsible Design in Applied Linguistics: Theory and Practice Book 02/17/2017 view
Building Predicates Book 02/17/2017 view
Post-admission Language Assessment of University Students Book 02/17/2017 view
Quantifiers and Cognition: Logical and Computational Perspectives Book 02/17/2017 view
An Irish-Speaking Island Book 02/17/2017 view
The Universal Structure of Categories Book 02/17/2017 view
Babel No More Book 02/17/2017 view
Native Studies Keywords Book 02/17/2017 view
Intimate Grammars Book 02/17/2017 view
Wisconsin Talk Book 02/17/2017 view
Natural Language and Linguistic Theory Book 02/17/2017 view
Speaking Mexicano Book 02/17/2017 view
Place names in Wisconsin Book 02/17/2017 view
The Bilingual Mind Book 02/17/2017 view
Old Chinese Book 02/17/2017 view
Language and Ethnicity among the K'ichee' Maya Book 02/17/2017 view
Speaking Our Minds Book 02/17/2017 view
Agreement and its Failures Book 02/17/2017 view
What is Poetry? Book 02/17/2017 view
Language and Complex Systems Book 02/17/2017 view
Cherokee Reference Grammar Book 02/17/2017 view
Pennsylvania Dutch Book 02/17/2017 view
Why We Gesture Book 02/17/2017 view