The Proceedings of the Berkeley Linguistics Society have been available on the LSA website and its eLanguage platform since 2009.  Volume 39 has just recently been added so as to now make the archive


The LSA is excited to announce the publication of the inaugural volume of the Proceedings of the Linguistic Society of America.  The Proceedings is the successor to the


The LSA Exectuive Committee recently approved a new set of Guidelines [pdf] for authors seeking to include supplemental materials with their research articles appearing


The Linguistic Society of America is proud to announce that six of the field's leading linguists have been named to the newest class of LSA Fellows:


Learn more about the advocacy efforts of Dr.


The LSA is seeking candidates for election as Secretary-Treasurer of the Society, for a five-year term beginning in January 2018. All LSA members are invited to submit nominations, including self-nominations.


The LSA has launched Phase II of its News Stories Initiative, designed to enhance the coverage of linguistics by the popular news media.


The LSA regrets to report the December 4, 2015 death of Dr. George Weaver (Bryn Mawr), an LSA Member since 1985. Read more...


The LSA is pleased to announce the recent publication of two new volumes of the Proceedings of the Annual Meeting on Phonology, for the conferences held in 2014 and 2015.


Learn more about the scholary work of LSA Public Relations Committee member John McWhorter, who has built an impressive profile in the popular media landscape. Dr.


Our June 2016 issue of Language, Volume 92, Number 2, is now available online.


The LSA is pleased to announce that the University of California (UC) Davis will serve as the host for the 2019 Linguistic Institute.


Learn more about this early career linguist who is a former LSA committee leader and current activist on the practice of teaching linguistics, Michal Temkin Martinez.


The LSA regrets to report the February 18, 2016 death of Harold C. Conklin, a Life Member of the Society, and a member since 1951.  Dr. Conklin held positions at Columbia University and Yale University. Read more ...


The LSA has learned with regret of the 2013 death of Raymond S. Weitzman.  Dr.


The LSA is pleased to announce the nomination of Andries Coetzee to serve a seven-year term as the next Editor of our flagship journal, Language.