Why are suffixes more common than prefixes across the languages of the world? A forthcoming article suggests that prosody, the stress and intonation patterns of speech, may provide the answer.


Over 30 extended abstracts from the Linguistic Society of America's 2014 Annual Meeting are now available free online:


The LSA notes with regret the death of William H. Jacobsen, a Life Member (and member since 1952) of the Society.  Click here for an obituary from the University of Nevada-Reno, where he taught for many years.


Starting today, event registration is open for the LSA's 2015 Annual Meeting. Our 89th Annual Meeting will be held in Portland, Oregon, from Thursday, January 8, 2015 to Sunday, January 11.


The LSA reports with regret the September 27, 2014 death of Anna Morpurgo Davies, an Honorary Member of the LSA since 1993.  Click here for an obituary (Somervil


The 2015 LSA Annual Meeting is less than four months away, and we're excited to announce the recipients of this year's Student Abstr


A paper modeling Tuscan dialects and a discussion of Universal Grammar's role in child-language acquisition are two of several highlights from the September issue of Language, just released online.


The authors of a recently-published linguistics textbook have pledged to donate its proceeds to the Linguistic Society of America.


This year, the LSA Committee on Ethnic Diversity in Linguistics (CEDL) is awarding four student travel grants intended to increase the participation of ethnoracial minorities in the LSA*.


The Linguistic Society of America has endorsed the reauthorization of the America COMPETES Act, a Senate bill which would increase funding for the National Science Foundation over the next five years.


The Linguistic Society of America is pleased to announce that Muriel Fisher has been named the recipient of the 2015 Excellence in Community Linguistics Award.


The LSA is planning to hold a collaborative Wikipedia editing session at the 2015 Annual Meeting in Portland, Oregon, next January.


The LSA Member Spotlight highlights the interests and accomplishments of a different LSA member each month.


Elections are open through November 8, 2014 for LSA Officers, at-large members of the Executive Committee, and proposed amendments to the LSA Constitution an


The Linguistic Society of America is proud to announce that ten of the field's leading linguists have been named to the newest class of LSA Fellows:


PR ChairA new project intended to increase the quality of linguistics coverage by the popular news media, the LSA Ne


The LSA has sent a letter [pdf] of appreciation to the White House, expressing gratitude for President Obama's remarks at a


The LSA Member Spotlight highlights the interests and accomplishments of a different LSA member each month.


Today, the LSA is pleased to announce the recipients of three of the LSA's annual awards.


"Perspectives", a new section of Language which provides commentary and responses to featured linguistic articles, is now available to Language subscribers on