The LSA is pleased to announce the finalists for the fifth annual Five-Minute Linguist (5ML) Event to be held at the 2022&n


Please join the LSA in congratulating the recipients of the Early Career Award, the Kenneth L.


In May 2021, the LSA Executive Committee approved the LSA Statement Against Linguistic Misgendering written by the Committee for LGBTQ+ Issues in Linguistics (COZIL).


The video of last week's Webinar with authors Gerd Carling and Chundra Cathcart is now available via our YouTube channel.


The LSA is delighted to announce that the three winners of our annual Student Abstract Awards have been selected. 


The LSA is delighted to announce that Kirby Conrod has been selected as the inaugural winner of the Arnold Zwicky Award. This award is intended to recognize the contributions of LGBTQ+ scholars in linguis


Check out cutting-edge research from the LSA's flagship journal!  The latest issue includes articles on the roots of verbal meaning, using recursive programs for phonological analysis, lingua francas as lexical donors, the reconstruction of the evolution of Indo-European grammar, and mo


The LSA is pleased to invite interested members and linguists to our next webinar in a continuing series of Meet the Authors sessions. Our next webinar will focus on: “Reconstructing the evolution of Indo-European grammar” scheduled for October 15th at 12PM EST.


The LSA is pleased to announce the selection of African American Language as the recipient of the LSA's Leonard Bloomfield Book Award for 2022.


The LSA is delighted to announce that Allyson Waller has been selected as this year's recipient of our Linguistics Journalism Award.


The National Endowment for the Humanities announced earlier this week a grant award of $227,420 to the LSA as part of its Media Projects Productio


The LSA is delighted to announce that seven of the field's leading linguists have been elected Fellows of the LSA. They will be inducted in a ceremony at the 


In a letter to LSA members sent earlier today, LSA President Larry Horn outlined recent actions taken by the Executive Committee, including the appointment of a new Ombuds Committee.

"Dear LSA Members:


The LSA is seeking applications for the position of Student Intern as part of our Secretariat staff team for the Fall 2021 semester (Sep - Dec*).

By: Written by Alicia Beckford Wassink, Edith Aldridge, Karen Zagona

On July 5th, the LSA announced the loss of LSA member Dr. Jiahui Huang (1991-2021), who was completing his graduate studies in the Department of Linguistics at the University of Washington in Seattle when his life was lost in a hiking accident on Mt. Rainier.


The LSA has a variety of Awards and Honors that highlight the achievement of its members, from promising students to established scholars, and several have nominations due later this month!


The LSA regrets to announce the passing of LSA member Dr. Gjert Kristoffersen (13 Aug 1949-29 May 2021), professor of linguistics with a specialization in phonetics and Norwegian prosody.


At its most recent meeting, the LSA Executive Committee adopted a statement and


Earlier this week, two groups of LSA leaders and members adopted statements relating to a range of issues at the intersection of language, linguistics and the indigenous communities of North America.


Check out cutting-edge research from the LSA's flagship journal!  The latest issue includes articles on the effects of phonotactics on alternation learning, rethinking cartography, Mayan syntactic structures, velum kinematics in German, and more.