The LSA is delighted to announce that the 2020 Leonard Bloomfield Book Award will be given to Vsevolod Kapatsinski (University of Oregon) for his book Changing Minds Changing Tools: From Learning Theory to Language Acquisition to Language Change (MIT Press, 2018).


The LSA is pleased to announce the publication of the newest title in its book series partnership with Routledge: Bilingualism, by Shahrzad Mahootian. A portion of royalties from the sale of this book benefit the LSA.


It gives the LSA great pleasure to announce that the Best Paper in Language 2019 Award will be given to "The noun-verb distinction in established and emergent sign systems" by (pictured below, clockwise from upper left) Natasha Abner, Molly Flaherty, Katelyn Stangl, Marie Coppola, Diane


The LSA is delighted to announce the debut of a joint membership arrangement with the American Dialect Society (ADS) whereby members of one of the societies will receive a $5 discount on membership in the other.


The LSA is delighted to announce that Jon Sprouse (University of Connecticut) has been selected to receive the LSA's inaugural C.L.


Interested in getting published, but not sure how to get started?  Sign up for the LSA’s webinar on The Writing Process.  Award-winning authors Sharese King and Charles Yang (see bios below) will serve as paneleists.


The LSA is pleased to announce the publication of the fourth volume of our newest conference proceedings publication: the Wor


The LSA reports with regret the death of Dorothy C. Siegel on September 22, 2019. Dorothy joined the LSA in 1997 as a faculty member of the University of Toledo's Department of English Language and Literature.


Please join the LSA in congratulating the recipients of the Early Career Award, the Kenneth L.


Please join the LSA Secretariat in welcoming our new part-time Administrative Assistant Beth Riebe, who started work toda


The LSA is pleased to issue the official call for applications to students interested in attending its Annual Meeting via the CEDL Travel Award program.


The LSA regretfully reports that emeritus professor Gary Holland of UC Berkeley has passed away earlier last week.


Are you already a published author?  Not yet published, but planning to?   Heard about Open Access but want to find out more about it?


We are delighted to announce that Raul Aranovich and Georgia Zellou, the Co-Directors of the LSA's 2019 Linguistic Institute at the University of California, Davis, will be inducted as


The LSA is delighted to announce that its Executive Committee (EC) has approved the creation of a new Natives4Linguistics Special Interest Group (SIG), which is open to all LSA members. The development of this SIG emerged from needs identified by the participants of the


The LSA joined the leadership of colleague scholarly societies in expressing strong concerns about


The LSA is delighted to announce that nine of the field's leading linguists have been elected Fellows of the LSA.   They will be inducted in a ceremony at the


The LSA is delighted to announce that its Executive Committee has recently approved the establishment of a new Committee on LGBTQ+ [Z] Issues in Linguistics (COZIL).  The committee is an o


The September issue of Language is now available online at Project MUSE.