A colour-coded graphic pinpoints the location and language of tweets sent from the British capital and shows how linguistic groups are clustered in the city's various districts.  Using an open-source website language detector


A recent Language Log posting notes that two linguistics departments each claim to be the oldest department of linguistics in the United States.  Help author Geoffrey Pullum settle this question.  Read more ....


University of Pennsylvania linguist and LSA member William Labov has been awarded the 2013 Benjamin Franklin Medal in Computer and Cognitive Science "[f]or establishing the cognitive basis of language variation and change through rigorous analysis of linguistic data, and for the study of non-stan


Just as conversational styles vary widely, so do ideas about what constitutes interruptions, and whether they are good or bad.  Read a New York Times op-ed piece by Public Relations Committee member Deborah Tannen on the October 16th Presidential Debate: 


The public interface that allows users to plumb the Google Books megacorpus has been relaunched, and now includes part-of-speech tagging.  Read a Language Log post by Ben Zimmer about the latest on this resarch tool: http://lang


A University of Manchester archive set up in 2010 to document, protect and support the languages spoken in one of Europe’s most diverse cities, is now the world’s largest..


An article from Deutche Welle explores the changing landscape of Belgian linguistic differences and its influence on the October 14 municipal elections there.  http://www.dw.de/linguistic-differences-color-belgian-vote/a-16303910-1.


Explore the influence of this popular television show on the English language in this Language Log post by LSA Exectutive Committee member Mark Liberman and the associated responses. 



This article in the Style section of the New York Times includes commentary from a number of linguistics scholars, including members of the LSA's Public Relations Committee, regarding American's increasing use of British expressions. 


MIT linguistics professor and LSA Member Michel DeGraff has received a new grant of $1 million from the National Science Foundation to support his innovative study of the value of native-language instruction in Haiti’s schools.


LSA Public Relations Committee member and author Michael Erard explores the linguistic aspects of writing in this "Draft" commentary published in the New York Times' Sunday Review.


In a remote fishing town on the tip of Scotland's Black Isle, the last native speaker of the Cromarty dialect has passed away, taking with him a little fragment of the English linguistic mosaic.

New York Times

An opinion article in the online edition of the New York Times, "Which Language Rules to Flout. Or Flaunt?" examines the long-standing debate between prescriptivists and descriptivists.


A recent opinion article in the New York Times by two linguists examines the linguistic elements of political campaign rhetoric in the race for the White House, including an analysis of President Obama's selective use of African American English.