Members of the Society who have made distinguished contributions to the discipline may be recognized as Fellows of the Linguistic Society of America. A member of the Society who has served as an Officer of the Society (i.e., President or Secretary-Treasurer), as Editor of Language or Semantics and Pragmaticsor as (co)Director of a Linguistic Institute, shall be recognized as a Fellow upon conclusion of service in that office. The initial set of Fellows shall include all current members of the Society who have held any of these offices.


In addition, up to eight members may be recognized as Fellows each year by the at-large members of the Executive Committee, who are to select from among eligible individuals nominated by any member of the Society in good standing.  Current members are eligible for election if they have at least four years of continuous membership at the time of their nomination.  Nominations may be made to the Secretariat, which will issue a call each year and prepare a list of nominees for consideration.  The Secretariat will confirm that the nominee is a member in good standing before preparing the ballot.

No member of the Executive Committee will be eligible for election as a Fellow while serving in that office. Members who are Fellows may be nominated to serve as Officers or on the Executive Committee.

From the LSA Constitution (Article II, No. 8) and Bylaws (Pursuant to Article II, No. 4.)

Nominations of women and underrepresented ethnic minorities are especially encouraged. 

2015 Fellow C.-T. James Huang   

President Joan Maling inducts 2015 Fellow C.-T. James Huang.

2015 Fellow Robin Queen

2015 Fellow inductee Donca Steriade poses with President Joan Maling and LSA Executive Director Alyson Reed.

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