To join the Student Issues and Concerns Committee, email David Robinson, Director of Membership and Meetings.


Established in 2007.


To address issues and concerns of student members.


To address issues and concerns of student members; to review services currently provided to student members, with an eye to expanding and improving them; and to make recommendations to the Executive Committee on ways to increase student participation and involvement in LSA activities. It is expected that this Committee will be composed primarily of student members.

Additional responsibilities may include but are not limited to:

  • Expanding and updating content for students on the LSA website.
  • Suggesting topics and speakers for professional development sessions at the Annual Meeting and Linguistic Institute.
  • Assisting with outreach to prospective student members, in consultation with COMSIT.
  • Consulting with COSWL and CEDL on issues affecting female and minority students.
  • Assisting with the development of mentoring programs among LSA members.

Membership (open)

  • Current Bloch Fellow (Chair)
  • At least 6 members, serving three-year terms
  • Composed primarily of students

Committee Members

Wunetu Tarrant, University of Arizona, Chair (Incoming Bernard and Julia Boch Fellow, 2019)
Yining Nie, New York University, Chair (Outgoing Bernard and Julia Bloch Fellow, 2019)
Tyler Kibbey
Katherine Simeon 
Matthew Czuba 
Bill Cotter 
Alicia Chatten
Ivy Hauser
Abbie MacNeal 
Adam Liter 
Kenia Cubias 
Visvajit Sriramrajan
Patrick C. Trettenbrein
Mariel Schroeder

Executive Committee Liaison/Faculty Advisor: Marlyse Baptista
Staff Liaison: David Robinson

Recent Projects

2015 Summer Institute Professional Development Resources 

Professionalization Workshops held in conjunction with LSA's Committee on the Status of Women (COSWL):  

2015 Annual Meeting Professional Development Resources

2017 Annual Meeting Resources

Other Resources for Student Linguists