Our projects are intended to help all underrepresented linguists, regardless of gender.

Ongoing projects include:

  • Our Pop-Up Mentoring Program (PUMP), serving the broad community with one-off, on-conference-site mentoring meetings.
  • Our Stats project, an attempt to systematize the collection and analysis of data from institutions, journals, and conferences on the distribution of gender and other identities across linguistics
  • REIL, Resources for Equity and Inclusivity in Linguistics, a set of resources for conferences organizers who would like to know more about making their conference as inclusive as possible
  • Our Wikipedia initiative, our work to add to Wikipedia's representation of linguists who are women, non-cis, or non-binary
  • We work every year to try to diversify the nominations for LSA Fellows and Awards
  • In 2022, COGEL sponsored an LSA Special Session: Challenges and Opportunities for Mentoring in Linguistics (full recording on YouTube)

Past projects include:

  • COGEL has consistently worked with the Executive Committee to improve the "LSA Guidelines for Nonsexist Usage." Click here to see the current guidelines, and click here to see a list of COGEL's activities on this topic.
  • We have in the past sponsored the Women in Linguistics Mentoring Alliance (WILMA), an on-line mentoring program which matches women in Linguistics with more experienced counterparts at different institutions and encourages long-term mentoring relationships.
    • Please note that registration and login to WILMA have been disabled until the transition to the new system is complete.
  • Compiled and published The COSWL Collection of Language and Gender Syllabi. (pdf of original) (update)
  • Click here to see list of Survival Skills Workshops sponsored at LSA Summer Institutes.
  • Symposium: Liminal Linguists: Women in Nontraditional Professional Positions
  • Workshop: Becoming a Professional Linguist: Strategies for Survival and Success
  • Compiled and published The Cornell Lectures: Women in the Linguistics Profession. (pdf)
  • In April 1993 the Executive Committee of the LSA approved COSWL's request to include "Language and Gender" as a category for the submission of abstracts to the LSA Annual Meeting, effective 1994.


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