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Here are some links that may be of interest:

Language and Gender page. This page "provides information and resources about language and gender studies, an interdisciplinary field with connections to anthropology, cultural studies, education, ethnic studies, linguistics, literary studies, psychology, sociology, and women's studies, among others. This page is meant to help students, scholars, and interested laypersons orient themselves to this large and ever-expanding body of work."

"Gender and the language scholarship of the Summer Institute of Linguistics in the context of mid twentieth-century American linguistics". An article by Margaret Thomas (Boston College). Preliminary draft: PLEASE DO NOT QUOTE OR CITE WITHOUT PERMISSION OF THE AUTHOR.

IGALA - International Gender and Language Association

Resource Archive for Language and Gender

University of Wisconsin System Women's Studies Librarian's Office. Searchable library resources.

Studies on LGBTQ Language: A Partial Bibliography. Compiled by Gregory Ward.

Tutorials for Change: Gender Schemas and Science Centers. Tutorials teach students and educators in science about relevant research concerning the role of gender in science based on work in psychology, sociology, economics, and other fields.

AWIS (Association for Women in Science). Organization with publications, activities, and programs to increase education and employment opportunities.

AAUW (American Association of University Women). AAUW is a national organization that promotes education and equity for all women and girls.

Educational Pipeline Issues for Women: A transcription of a talk by Nancy G. Leveson, of MIT.

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