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Established in 1988 as the Committee on Social and Political Issues. "Issues" changed to "Concerns" in 1992, "Concerns" changed to "Policies" in 2009. The phrase "Public Policy" was substituted for Social and Political Policies in 2011.


To advance the field of linguistics through public policy initiatives.


The work of the Committee includes, but is not limited to:

  • encouraging expanded government, foundation, and private funding for linguistics research
  • advancing the policy positions of the LSA with regard to linguistics as a scholarly profession and as an academic discipline

The committee works closely with the Executive Director, other committees of the LSA, and the various delegates/liaisons to colleague organizations with an interest in policies affecting the sciences and humanities.

The Committee also recommends to the Executive Committee policies concerning official responses by the LSA to such issues as (a) political pressures affecting the ability of linguists to pursue their research and (b) legislation or regulations concerning a range of language or linguistic issues. The Committee also brings to the attention of the LSA membership social or political issues that they should be aware of. The Committee may be called upon by the Executive Committee to draft responses or position papers on specific issues or to initiate inquiries. The Committee should keep in mind that such responses and position papers, once approved by the Executive Committee and/or endorsed by the membership, will be in the public domain and may be widely circulated. A subcommittee may be established from time to time by the Executive Committee to monitor and consult with government and other agencies on specific social and political issues.

Membership (open)

At least 6 members, serving three-year terms.

Committee Chair 2023

  • Nicholas Fleisher, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Chair (2023)

Executive Committee Liaison: Carmen Dagostino

Staff Liaison: Margaret Vitullo

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