Nominations for the Program Committee are solicited every spring.  Please contact David Robinson, Director of Membership and Meetings, to indicate your interest in serving on this committee at the next available opportunity. 


Established in 1968.


The LSA Constitution, Article IV, Section 3 states:

The Program Committee shall have responsibility for the scholarly content of the Society's meetings and for recommending general policies on the form of the meetings to the Executive Committee for action.

Article VI, Section 3 states:

Titles and descriptions of papers to be read before the Society must be submitted to the Program Committee beforehand and its disposition of such papers, including a possible limitation of the time to be devoted to them, shall be final.


Members of the Program Committee are expected to read, evaluate, and rate all abstracts blind prior to the meeting; approve, add, change, and/or delete any statements in the abstract guidelines; set up the program; and provide a list of linguists to be invited to chair sessions. The Chair is expected to attend the Annual Meeting and Business Meeting at the end of his/her tenure. Committee members are not precluded from submitting abstracts. Beyond evaluating abstracts, the Committee is encouraged to seek input on meeting format and other content from LSA members.

Membership (by invitation)

The LSA Constitution, Article IV, Section 3 states:

There shall be a Program Committee consisting of members appointed by the President with the approval of the Executive Committee, each to serve for a period of three years. Each year the President shall appoint one of the senior members as Chair.

A student representative, nominated by the Program Committee Co-chairs with input from the Committee on Student Issues and Concerns, also serves for a period of three years.  [Note: this is not part of the constitutional mandate.]

Committee Members, 2020

  • Ashwini Deo, The Ohio State University, Senior Co-chair (2020)
  • Jelena Krivokapic, University of Michigan, Senior Co-chair (2020)
  • Ruth Kramer,Georgetown University, Junior Co-chair (2021)
  • Teresa Satterfield, University of Michigan, Junior Co-chair (2021)
  • Ryan Bennett, University of California, Santa Cruz, Incoming Junior Co-chair (2022)
  • Tim Hunter, University of California Los Angeles, Incoming Junior Co-chair (2022)
  • Diane Brentari, University of Chicago (2020)
  • Argyro Katsika, University of California, Santa Barbara (2021)
  • Elena Koulidobrova, Central Connecticut State Unversity (2022)
  • Sonja Lanehart, University of Texas at San Antonio (2020)
  • Emily Manetta, University of Vermont (2021)
  • Alicia Parrish, New York University, Student member, (2021)
  • Robert Podesva, Stanford University (2022)
  • Joseph Sabbagh, University of Texas at Arlington (2021)
  • Ivy Sichel, University of Caifornia, Santa Cruz (2021)
  • Juliet Stanton, New York University (2021)

Executive Committee Liaison: Alan Yu

Staff Liaison: David Robinson