Nominations for the Audit Committee are solicited every spring.  Please contact David Robinson, Director of Membership and Meetings, to indicate your interest in serving on this committee at the next available opportunity. 


The Committee is charged with selecting the auditing firm to perform the annual LSA audit, reviewing the Society's engagement letter with the selected firm, considering the draft financial report and management letter, and presenting a report and recommendations to the Finance Committee and the Executive Committee at their meetings in conjunction with the Annual Meeting.

Membership (by invitation)

The Audit Committee is composed of three members of the Society, serving staggered three-year terms, plus one member of the Executive Committee in the third year of service. Each year the President shall appoint one of the members as Chair, except that the Executive Committee member shall not be appointed as Chair.  Normally the Chair will be the senior member of the committee.

Members, 2020

  • Carol Genetti, New York University Abu Dhabi, Chair (2020)
  • Monica Macaulay, University of Wisconsin-Madison (2021)
  • Sandra Chung, University of California, Santa Cruz (2022)
  • Marylse Baptista, University of Michigan (2020)

Staff Liaison: Alyson Reed