Established in 1975; charge modified in 2016.


To advise the Institute Directors on all aspects of the Linguistic Institute, with an emphasis on scholarly and professional content offered and ensuring that such content is consistent with the strategic goals and objectives of the LSA.  A subcommittee is charged with overseeing the fellowship competition.


  • To support prospective Institute hosts and approved Institute Directors in shaping the theme, course offerings, and workshops, in addition to helping ensure that the range of professional development sessions and other structured activities offered at the Institute further the Society’s priorities.
  • To evaluate the Institute as a whole and also specific courses/activities.
  • To formulate specific recommendations to the Program Committee and Publications Committee with regard to advancing the work of the Institute before and after it has taken place, including supporting the development of Annual Meeting programming which would complement the Institute and the maintenance of a permanent archive of Institute materials.
  • The fellowship subcommittee is responsible for evaluating all applications for financial support for the Linguistic Institute and for preparing rank ordered lists of fellowship applicants. The Committee may make recommendations to the Executive Committee regarding future Institutes and fellowship procedures.

 Membership (by invitation)

To express interest in receiving an invitation to serve on this committee, please contact the Secretariat staff.

The following individuals serve  on this committee:

  • The current Institute Director(s)
  • Future Institute Director(s), as they are identified
  • Former Institute Directors (up to 2 at any one time)
  • Recent named Institute professors (up to 2 at any one time)
  • A recent former Bernard and Julia Bloch Fellow
  • A liaison from the Publications Committee
  • A liaison from the Program Committee
  • The LSA liaison from the CoLang Advisory Circle
  • Staff and EC Liaisons

Additional members may be appointed to serve on the fellowship subcommittee, including former fellowship recipients (non-student)


Committee Members 2018 (for the 2019 Linguistic Institute)

  • Keren Rice (Chair)
  • Raul Aranovich (upcoming Institute director)*
  • Rusty Barrett (past Institute director)*
  • Kristen Syrett (Publications Committee liaison)*
  • Kyle Johnson (future Institute director)
  • Rebekah Baglini (former Bernard and Julia Bloch Fellow)
  • Lauren Squires (Program Committee liaison)*
  • John Rickford (former Named Professor)

* Denotes member of fellowship review subcommittee.

The following are "review-only" members of CLIF.  They review fellowship applications for the LSA's 2019 Linguistic Institute at the University of Calfironia, Davis, but do not otherwise participate in committee business.

  • Karlos Arregi (University of Chicago)
  • John Baugh (Washington Uniersity in St. Louis)
  • Rajesh Bhatt (University of Massachusetts Amherst)
  • Elaine Chun (University of South Carolina)
  • Kirk Hazen (West Virginia University)
  • Jeff Heinz (Stony Brook University)
  • Barbara Johnstone (Carngie Mellon University)
  • Beth Levin (Stanford University)
  • David Pesetsky (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  • Joe Salmons (Univerity of Wisconsin-Madison)

Executive Committee Liaison: John Baugh

Staff Liaison: Alyson Reed