First established in 2009. Currently inactive.


To assist the Executive Director in planning and implementing the LSA's Business Plan.


The work of the Committee includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Provide expert advice on:
    • potential projects for generating revenue, including new programs, products, services and resources for the linguistics community
    • potential sources of corporate support (those with an interest in linguistics)
    • potential sources of government and foundation support
    • potential major donors
  • Collaborate in developing and reviewing proposals and fundraising appeals drafted by the ED to ensure that they accurately reflect linguistics scholarship and/or the needs/concerns of linguists.
  • Assist with outreach to prospective donors/funders that build on existing relationships.

Membership (open)

Ex officio members:

  • Secretary-Treasurer; 5 year term
  • At least one other member of the EC in their 2nd year; 1 year term
  • Immediate Past Secretary-Treasurer; 1 year term (renewable)

The following individuals should be considered as potential committee members (3 year terms):

  • Members with successful grant portfolios
  • Former NSF program staff
  • Other interested LSA members

At least six members, including the three ex officio members.

Committee Members

  • Vacant, Chair
  • Eric Bakovic, University of California, San Diego (2014)
  • Virgil Blanco, Middlesex County College (2014)
  • Patrick Farrell, University of California, Davis (2017)
  • Jeff Good, University at Buffalo (2014)
  • Hillary Hymen, Middlesex County College (2013)
  • Covadonga Lamar Prieto, University of California, Los Angeles (2014)
  • Joseph Tyler, University of Michigan (2014)

Executive Committee Liaison: Lenore Grenoble

Staff Liaison: Alyson Reed